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Crystalline Waters

Hi there! I love all things Wonderbolts and Soarindash related. Fleetfoot is my favorite Wonderbolt, Luna is my favorite princess, and Lightning Dust is my favorite antagonist. That's all for now! :)

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Ships · 6:26am July 1st

Hey y'all. For a future story, I am going to need ships. The characters are going to be the Wonderbolts(I know, I'm overly obsessed), but I need help with my ships. So far I have:
Soarin x Rainbow
Rapidfire x Misty
Fleetfoot x Spitfire
Wave Chill x Blaze
Fire Streak x Surprise
Silver Zoom x Sun Chaser
Now there are 3 Bolts that I need help with. Lightning Streak, High Winds, and Thunderlane. I'm not sure whether to put Lightning with Thunderlane or High Winds. I'm leaning more towards Thunderlane x Lightning Streak, but I think that he'd be cute with High Winds as well. Let me know what you guys think.
Thanks for your input

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I like to think High and Lightning make a cute couple

this is so great ! so just to clarify... these are all going to be stories eventually?!
also i like High and Lightning as a couple but either one would be great :)

Yeah they are! It's probably going to be a book of fluffy one-shots for each couple.
Thanks for your vote, that makes two for High Winds!

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