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We're a step closer to Sunrise... · 8:33pm June 30th

And an important step, too, since it's an irrevocable one:

I just submitted it to Equestria Daily.

Up until now, anything done so far could have been changed, but we're at the point that everything I have control over is finished and polished to the point of "as good as it's going to get." That means it's time to go forth and submit to seeking the things I cannot control, the first among them being the blessing of Equestria Daily, in an attempt to (roughly) time the story's premiere here on FimFic with its appearance over there on EqD. I don't get any choices about how long it takes them to look at it, confer said blessing, and send a blog post to the top of their site (or, at least, God, I hope that's what happens), so that's going to be an unknown variable in when it appears here.

But I should be forewarned, so I will in turn post another blog to forewarn all of you dear readers when the drop is imminent.

I'm pretty anxious right now, though. All I can do is wait and see.

Stay tuned...

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I confess I had to trawl through the #Sunrise tags to refresh my memory (over 6 years in writing apparently).

Certainly am looking forward to reading this when it drops.

Very excited! In the middle of a full reread right now.

Good luck. I never really cared for EQD. There seemed to be a sort of bias going on in regards to popular and non-popular authors when you submit fics to them. :twilightblush:

Good luck!

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