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    Name and Description Announced for Trixie x TS Fic and Last update on A royal Wetting

    So, the name for the Twilight x Trixie fic I announced a few days ago in the last update will be announced along with a short description and a last update on A Royal Wetting till it drops on fimfiction next week will be discussed in this blog post.

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    Yet another Update (A Royal Wetting and More...)

    So yeah another update on a very late story that should have been finished a while ago, but I will give ideas on upcoming changes and new ideas I plan to complete soon.

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    It is almost done.

    So, it has been about a month since I posted an update blog about my fic, but I have been working on finishing the fic behind the scenes between times when I have been busy and am hoping to work on edits this weekend and having it up by about Monday.

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    "A Royal Wetting" Late Update

    So, in case any of you wondered, I am still active, I just have not been working on my fic for a while, but I plan on finishing and releasing the fic soon now that I have gotten more interest in completing my upcoming Cadence/Chrysalis watersports fic, I am hoping to finish soon, hopefully no one has given up in their faith in me finishing it, When I finish this fic I might start a new one as

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    A Long Awaited Update

    It has been quite a while since I have made my last update on my upcoming story.

    I have not had many updates on the fic this month and it is partially because of a lack of interest, but as of some time soon I will be getting back to work on it, but the status of my multi chapter watersports fic and possible fics on my other fimfiction account are currently in the air.

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Yet another Update (A Royal Wetting and More...) · 7:49am Dec 4th, 2012

So yeah another update on a very late story that should have been finished a while ago, but I will give ideas on upcoming changes and new ideas I plan to complete soon.

A Royal Wetting: So yes, this story has yet to be released. So, some of the new changes with the story include some slight changes to story line and a hopefull release date of this month, small changes include a new view on why Cadence has a thing for watersports which may relate to something like this (http://www.go-girl.com/) it is currently just a slight idea which may be added to the plot, I will get into further plot detail when it gets closer to release, and yes the story will still include Chrysalis and will remain with the original idea of how the plot was planned, hoping to release in the coming weeks.

Unnamed Trixie x Twilight Watersports clopfic: Yes, this is the next planned fic I have, I will probably be working on this around the near finishing point of the Cadence and Chrysalis fic. I will reveal more in terms of plot, name and details in the upcoming weeks.

Rarity's Golden Issue: The multi-chapter clopfic I had planned a few months ago, will be either put under delay till 2013 or may be cancelled do too lack of time and ideas, but nothing is official yet.

Thanks for reading this update and for being patient with my constant delaying of these fanfics, I hope to get these going soon and stop the continuous delays that have been happening.


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Thank you for posting an update! Still looking forward to your Cadence story. I'm intrigued to see how the story will turn out, following your explanation above. :twilightsmile:


I have been working a bit more on A Royal Wetting and have now got a good idea for the name of the Trixie x Twilight story now, I will be revealing more possibly this upcoming weekend.

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