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Crisis averted. She's alive. · 1:06am Jun 30th, 2021


Thank goodness.

Now the next course of action is to deal with the ones who drove her to that point in the first place. I'll repeat what I said from the last blog with a minor alteration. Every person who bullied, harassed, and sent death threats to PRINCESS CADANCE, need to be held accountable. Grab all the screencaps and evidence you can, because these evil people need to be dealt with accordingly and removed from this site, period.

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I guess I sung Les Misérables Bring Him Home for nothing

But at least she’s ok

Can we try them in court?

I know a DA.


For harassment maybe, but I doubt you could get even that without PC having actually harmed themselves. Then you have to consider jurisdiction... I’m not sure trying to get law enforcement involved right away (outside of making sure PC is okay) is the best play here. I think the community should step back, cool off a little, and then we’ll see where we stand. If crimes were committed, they’ll still be crimes in 24 hours.

I know.

I just want to help.

I've been bullied myself and so I despise bullying.

I myself also once tried to end my life because of the depression caused by constant bullying.

I'm alright now though, just taking life one step at a time.

I just want to help PC as much as I can.


I respect that. I’m just leery of jumping to “so who are we throwing in jail”. PC is alive. Let’s celebrate before we start looking for accountability.

It's a relief ... for now, you can fall back into depression even if you have not done it this time ... fuck in the comments of your last blog many still wanted her dead ... God that's sick as far as they want to go those people ... damn the best thing is to publish a story on Deviantart or I don't know. but these people must pay for what they are doing.

Unfortunately people tend to hurt themselves via cutting or something else horrible before they drive themselves to think of suicide. So if she did these people have more then just harassment. Plus I heard death threats were uttered so that’s tacked on.


I know people who were in similar situations, and I fully understand that just because someone didn’t die doesn’t mean they weren’t hurt, I chose my words carefully. The problem would be convincing a grand jury that it drove someone too far when they are, thankfully, alive. I am unaware of any bullying case being brought against people where the individual being bullied is still alive. In fact, I think that is the de Facto definition of a harassment charge. As for death threats, my problem is it’s hearsay at this point. If there were threats made, that is of course a crime, and should be dealt with accordingly, but I’m not contacting the police when I have not seen any evidence of such comments. It is up to PC and whoever is in her circle to help her do so, and I fully support those efforts if threatening comments were made.

I went through it myself after a family member I was really close to passed away. I even tried doing, “it”, but I failed and ended up in the hospital... and now ironically I’m trying to be a therapist to help people. I pmd PC so if she wanted to talk I gave her a couple ways to contact me.
If PC comes forward with evidence of these threats then, those unfortunate souls are in some deep trouble.

Praise be to The One Above All! My prayers will continue to be for her healing. May she find it and be at peace.
And may those that contributed to her dire circumstance repent and find forgiveness. Hate only begets more hate. Break the cycle, and may all either find the Light and healing…or they will only find more suffering.

Don’t know anything about this situation. This is my first hearing about it. I’ve read some of their stories before and recognize them but never remembered who wrote them. They say that they’re going to delete their profile tomorrow so anyone who’s knows how to archive stuff should archive all their stories and put them on FimFetch. I hate seeing lost work. Would also appreciate if someone could summarize everything up about what’s going on that’d be cool.

There is something terribly wrong with humanity right now and we sadly can’t do anything about it. If she does decide to commit, all of those people should be liable for at least manslaughter.

Honestly speaking, this makes me feel significantly better. I was worried about her from the last blog, despite not really knowing much of her situation. Still, it is better to know she’s alright.

I don't know who this Princess Cadance person is, but given all this, I only have one question; just how fucked in the head do you have to be to continually drive someone to attempt suicide like this?

Like, fuck, man... It's disgusting how some "people" responded to PC's, well, suicide note.

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