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The difference between seeking Help and Acceptance. · 11:30pm Jun 29th, 2021

Site blogs and my discord channel are buzzing, thanks to an unfortunate suicide incident that played out earlier today on PRINCESS CADANCE's page. Sitting back and looking around, you see the typical virtue signaling cult out in full force like usual, without a shred of empathy for someone who just left a suicide note on Fimfic. They do their typical act of grandeur and present themselves with their ivory tower attitude, while bitching about imaginary Nazi's as usual and basically spitting on the freshly dug grave of the individual at the same time. In other places you got people who actually care about the life of someone, join together and hope the person who posted the suicide note can still be saved. I see people actively trying to get in contact with PRINCESS CADANCE and trying their hardest to see if she is okay and still living. It warms my heart we got good people on this site working tirelessly right now.

As for me, I've lost a friend to suicide years ago so seeing this incident today is opening up painful scars. I don't wanna bring up more of those unpleasant memories, but I'll point out the single similarity between her and the person who committed suicide today.

They seeked Acceptance when they should have seeked Help.

There is a big difference between these two, but I'm not going to preach to the masses about this. Instead I just wanna focus on a single message right now. People who bully, harass, and send death threats to individuals based on their stories and personal life choices, need to be held accountable. Every person who bullied, harassed, and sent death threats to PRINCESS CADANCE, need to be held accountable for her death and removed from this site.

You know who you are, and I got nothing good to say to vile sub-humans like you other than this...

Get the fuck out.

A kind request to people who have seen posts/blogs/Discord messages/etc. from other people attacking the user by calling - directly or indirectly - for violence/suicide/etc. Please archive these. Pushing someone into suicide is penalized in many countries. If PRlNCESS CADENCE really went through with it, the Police may use these as evidence and held these people responsible. Don't let monsters lurk on this site.

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100% agreement from me.

I hope they're ok even if I dont know them personally

I already made my points, but I'm glad to see people doing the best they can to offer help.

My only grievance is for the people responsible for being held accountable for their actions and receive proper punishment. But given how biased this community can be, It's highly and unfortunately unlikely. :ajbemused:

Simple Acceptance without actual Help is just Enabling. It’s not kindness, it’s niceness. Kindness brings healing. Niceness only Enables.
100% agreement with you. Especially within such dire circumstance. I hope someone can reach out to PRINCESS CADANCE in time.

I think that enough has been said. If anything I think that the site could use a different tag for deleted comments for when the user who posted then and for when a moderator deleted them. It might do some good if people noticed that the mods are against something.


I wish, wish I could say I'm surprised and shocked. Horrified by the events on here today. But I'm not, I'm not even raising an eyebrow. The little hate brigade has been running around on here for ages without anyone stopping (And even has a mod who's joined in with them) and it has, as yet unconfirmed though very likely, culminated in a body count. I'm honestly half tempted to report this instance to the FBI's cyber crimes division and let them loose.

Seeing the responses of some people to this has been disgusting, both the lead-up and afterwards. Seeing that your actions may have driven someone to self-harm should be a hard reality check, but instead some people view it as winning. :twilightangry2:

I agree with this 💯% this did not need to happen why could they not just leave a mini review or just list the story's off there account why go so far it rest is scary to see this I hope this person is fine and not really dead this is a fucked up thing to see on this site I wanted to post my own story but not I don't wanna cases I'm scared go fuck up by either breaking the rules by mistake or not doing it right and now this

Those who did this are monsters I won't go far in detail but truly have issues and can't see fiction from reality we may not like the same thing or enjoy the same content style etc but that does not give the right to threaten bully harass and attempt to hurt or take some one life like that is a line that should not be crossed karma will happen to these people that did this I hope they have nightmares in there dreams I don't usually say this with intent but wtf is wrong with everyone in this generation/time line holy fuck...

Anyway god speed and bless you all please if you have issues or feel as tho your suicidal please go fine a suicide hotline or if you have a therapist or friends family to talk to or a love please pleaaaaaasse for the love of god don't give up ignore the hate and fine the light in between the darkness thank you

That Is all I'll say ☹️

Keep your head up not down 😊👍✨


Those who bullied, harrassed and threatened her could be charged with manslaughter in a court of law.

They would have life imprisonment. Or suspended imprisonment or a community sentence.

I would like to encourage you to post your story. Whatever the subject and the tags that go with it. We can't allow these pseudo-righteous fury warriors discourage people from posting and from seeing the stories that they want.

I almost didn't post my first clopfic because I decided I should add a reference to incest because of the characters, and I'm glad I did post it. A lot of people favorited it and that means it reached people that liked the story, regardless.

Like I told Princess Cadance. It's not about the people that hate and dislike. It's about the people that do like.

I thank you for these words I will consider maybe at some point or some day to actually write the first chapter of my story and post it on here but right now is not a good time after what just happened

But I am glad to have found a site that has a lot of great people :twilightsmile:

Ps sorry for misspelling a bit tired

Just followed you. If you decide to post it, I'll read it. If you don't, we'll see each other around. Plenty of great conversation to be had around.

Thanks so much! Hope to have lots more of conversations and I'll be sure to let you no if I ever post that story :twilightsheepish: :raritystarry:

Completely agree with this, people need to realize their actions have consequences.

Well said



So much for going another month without FIMfic drama.

I sincerely hope that PRINCESS CADENCE hasn't gone through with it and is still alive. It's not worth it. None of this is worth it and none of us on the site need this happening.

Update: PRINCESS CADENCE's account has been recently seen as "online"

PRINCESS CADENCE posted a blog: https://www.fimfiction.net/blog/954672/i-couldnt-do-it. Seems the worst outcome has been avoided.

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