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  • 373 weeks

    I had hoped to post another chapter before the end of the month, but it doesn't seem likely, considering that I've only written a couple of paragraphs. I apologize for the many delays lately, but my life has gotten to be quite a bit busier as of late. I'm in a new relationship and between that and working 50+ hours a week, my free time has been rather scarce. Fear not though, I will see this

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  • 375 weeks
    Character Profile: Captain Gale

    Full Name: Captain Lightning Gale
    Sex: Female
    Race: Pegasus
    Age: 37
    Height: Average
    Body Type: Athletic
    Body Color: Light Blue
    Mane Color: White/ Pale Blue stripe
    Eye Color: Electric Blue
    Cutie Mark: Spiraling Raindrops
    Family: N/A

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  • 385 weeks
    Character Profile: Gentle Gem

    Full Name: Gentle Gem
    Sex: Male
    Race: Unicorn
    Age: 55
    Height: Short
    Body Type: Average
    Body Color: Blue
    Mane Color: Grey w/ Beard
    Eye Color: Dark Blue
    Cutie Mark: Sparkling Opal
    Family: Annathyst (Wife)

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  • 399 weeks
    Character Profile: Suri

    Full Name: Surinam "Suri" Cherryblossom
    Sex: Female
    Race: Unicorn
    Age: 24
    Height: Tall
    Body Type: Skinny
    Body Color: White
    Mane Color: Strawberry Blonde/ Red Highlights
    Eye Color: Light Green
    Cutie Mark: A Leaf and Three Cherry Blossoms
    Family: Oaken Field (father), Scarlet Bloom (mother), Nature Spark (brother), Sugar Leaf (brother)

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  • 400 weeks
    Character Profile: Cary

    Full Name: Caresma "Cary"
    Sex: Female
    Race: Earth Pony
    Age: 33
    Height: Average
    Body Type: Chubby
    Body Color: Magenta
    Mane Color: Dark Pink with Light Pink Highlights
    Eye Color: Burgundy
    Cutie Mark: Two Purple Carnations
    Family: Jimson (husband)

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Character Profile: Doré Langue · 7:18am Dec 4th, 2012

Full Name: Duke Doré Langue
Sex: Male
Race: Unicorn
Age: 52
Height: Average
Body Type: Average
Body Color: Crimson
Mane Color: Gold
Eye Color: Light Orange
Cutie Mark: Three Gold Bits
Family: N/A

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