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    Update on October Calendar and "The Human Incident"

    Due to unforeseen circumstances, there will only be one chapter of "The Human Incident" for this month, which was the chapter that came out on October 3rd. I do expect us to return to 2 chapters a month for the month of November however, which should mean the next chapter's release will be on November 7th. Thanks for your understanding.

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    New Server

    I made a new server. I'm sad that the old one is gone, but I made a new one because I love each and every one of you. Feel free to join it:


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    Discord account is dead. It got hacked. I wanna kill myself.

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    October 2021 Calendar

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    Mind Over Matter Later Chapters

    Soooooo... I'm probably going to delete the later chapters (post time skip) because I didn't do all of what I wanted to do with those and... it just ends so awkwardly because of it. The ending where it originally was should've been the final ending, honestly. Sorry.

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Mind Over Matter Alt Ending Outline · 9:03am June 29th

Some people wanted to know what else I had planned for Mind Over Matter. Well, here it is.

Applies for magic school

Herbal slips on ice is in the hospital and dies

Cancels his enrollment

Gets incredibly depressed, doesn’t come out for a while, back to drug usage, at least drinking cause 14 is legal age

Gets mad at Thundertail for finding somepony new several months later maybe?

Goes to live with Blue Mist who enables him (maybe tries something?)

Thinks of self harm, sits in front of the library where Iris sat, Iris finds him this time, tells him to get his act together, the same speech he gave to her, he declines but as she’s walking away he calls out to her to help him up.

Lives with her and her parents for a little while, goes to see Spark again.

Ivory Spark reveals that she’s dying, but slowly, in like two or five years

Says she wants to see him graduate before that happens because she looks at him like her own son.

Gets motivated, reapplies, gets accepted, they hug as he steps on train to Canterlot


This isn't canon, jsyk. I only post it because some people wanted to know. But as you can see, it's quite dark, which is why we ended it where it was. Anyway, though, I'll see about two epilogues to conclude the story.

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Syroc #1 · June 29th · · ·

... honestly, I'm kinda glad this isn't canon.

I personally dislike most of these scenarios because they're mostly grim outcomes (though not out of place considering the story). I'd like to see Leo have a surge of magic and gain a foothold on what he can do. think Twilight, but toned down. Even if you end the story where it is and do a part 2, or continue writing it as is, taking a steady slope up instead of tumbling down a hill ass first.

Yep, that went dark. I'm happy with the ending you gave us.

Those aren’t scenarios… that’s one single chain of events. It was ALL going to happen. Glad he stopped when he did.

I want to know how the pony on Earth is doing.

Yeah I think those scenarios...even if it dealt with the plot point of dealing with drug usage again Herbal's death would feel more like a plot device rather than an actual real life problem that would lead to that.

Also why Ivory Spark needs to die? lol the getting out of drug usage might have been enough to give a start on a new start of his life...third time is the charm right?

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