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Shadowrun Trilogy free over on GoG for the weekend! · 3:12pm June 25th

Know the urban fantasy + cyberpunk trips some people up something fierce when they hear about the setting the first time, but these games are legitimately some of the best RPGs I've played in recent years. Great setting, great characters, great stories, F:yay:CKING AMAZING MUSIC... just dang impressive stuff all round.

And it's just downright inspired how far Hare-Brained Schemes pushed things forwards with the sequels. Returns frankly feels like a student project at times if you try go back to it.

(Roughest ones, yeah, so don't feel too bad if you bounce off that one. Personally liked it, but Dragonfall & Honk Kong are legitimately seen as being the better games. Oh, and yes, same studio that made the turn-based Battletech game a few years ago, yes, if you want their high-light track-record.)

Offer valid for roughly 70 hours on posting this, so don't sleep on it!

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Miro #1 · June 25th · · ·

I am honestly suprised, that Shadowrun is offered for free.


To be fair, parts of the series has been on offer a few times before, but never the full trilogy to my recall.

And Hare-Brained has a history of using Kickstarter when they announce new games and even Battletech's been a couple years by now, so wouldn't surprise me if this is extra generous to make you go: 'Oh right, the Shadowrun guys~! I should check this new thing they're working on out' down the line.

No insight when that happens, of course, but reading between the lines of their job listings on twitter? 2-3 games in dev, with one of them outright stated to be a horror game, so... Yeah, good way too keep good press going while having your noses down to the grind stone.

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