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So, where are we with Sunrise? · 7:29am June 24th

I haven't done a progress blog on Sunrise in a long, long time.

Sorry about that.

I'm gonna do one now, though.

In fact, I'm gonna do the last one:

Sunrise is finished!

I finished writing the final chapter a couple days ago. The GDocs link has been sent off to the editors. I have cover art. We're at the finish line, folks. This is it.

It's taken me a couple days just to make this blog post, because, honestly, it's been emotionally exhausting. I'm kinda getting hit with a double blow here. First, in terms of the story, this final chapter is, as one of my editors has already noted, the "sledgehammer chapter," and I feel it. Second, meta-textually, just the feeling of the sheer enormity of finally finishing a project I've spent so much longer and invested so much more in than I ever expected to is... well, it's a lot.

I'm just gonna tell you, when I wrote that last word of the last paragraph, and pushed my chair back to marvel at this thing, this novel, that I've created... I cried.

They were tears formed from the confluence of a lot of emotions, but mostly, they were tears of joy.

I made it. I did it. I am, in a way, freed now, by crossing this line. Some of that is my own, and well-enough earned, I feel. Some of that is vicarious, second-hand emotional buzz picked up from where Celestia has finally landed at the story's end. Like I said, sort of a double blow going on here, for me.

I guess what I'm trying to get at is, it's been a process.

I'm sorry this has taken so long. But we're here. Thank you all for bearing with me. Thank you most of all to my editors along the way. You've had the patience of saints, and I can never repay you enough. You've been true friends, to stand by the project to the end this way.

Well. I guess I've said enough. Probably more than enough, really.
The next blog post about Sunrise, in not too much longer, should be the story drop announcement.

I'm looking forward to making that post, and I hope you'll enjoy the story.

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A labor of love indeed. And without anastetic. (No I can’t spell. But I can critique).

Congratulations on a significant achievement! If finishing this one is hitting you harder than completing Ghost Lights then it must be something very special indeed. :-) Take a well-deserved break, finish any editing, and I for one look forward to experiencing your latest creation!

I can't wait to delude myself into thinking I can "just read the first few chapters" then being captivated until whatever late/early hour it takes to reach the end. :twilightsheepish:

Congratulations. :)

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