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I like big ponies and I cannot lie.

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  • Today
    Princess Celestia's weight?

    How heavy is big sunhorse? That's something I need to know. Canon version, not my crazy fan fiction version.

    She seems to have a fondness for cake, so that doesn't do her any favors for her weight.

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  • Saturday
    Anyone make maps for Age of Empires 2?

    Any of my followers make maps for Age of Empires 2? I made a Middle East Diplomacy map recently. Can be found under mods on https://www.ageofempires.com/

    I do more than just writing about pony butts.

    My map.

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  • Thursday
    Ideas for new stories?

    Any stories you wish me to write? Have a request? Or simply want to share some ideas with me.

    You can PM me. Or contact me by My Discord: Bendy#6695

    No charge. But note, there is no guarantee I will make it.

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  • 6 days
    What would Twilight think of this song?

    Would it speak to her? I'm Reading a Book, by Julian Smith.

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  • 1 week
    Age of Empires IV

    Anyone of my followers looking forward to Age of Empires 4? I might mostly play as the The Delhi Sultanate due to their elephant units. I like big things. Since you seen all my big pony stories.

    Me, I playing Age of Empires 2 Definitive Edition, and the HD version.

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Story ideas? · 7:14pm June 23rd

So, my followers. Do you have any story ideas you wish to share with me? The dumber the idea, the better the idea. Smart ideas are okay too.

Report Bendy · 70 views · #ideas #idea
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Batman saves Equestria by sleeping with Nightmare Moon.

Bendy #2 · June 23rd · · ·

He may need to beat up her first. Perhaps.

How does he beat her? Because I'm Batman!

The ponies from the show My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic go on and adventure and things happen.

Too much?

They explore a giant pony's body. That's an adventure.


How does he beat her? Because I'm Batman!

Seriously, he's got better plot armor than Optimus Prime, who's...
1) died and been resurrected on multiple occasions throughout the entire franchise.
2) his initials are literally OP.

Well, it's fun nonetheless. Because Batman!

Do you want to know myyyyy secret identity?

Also leaving this here cause I found it hilarious, despite being old lol

If anyone can do a story from this, it's you XD

Oh god. You have no limits.

Anon must die. It was an idea I had comprising of one shots about how ponies have to kill Anon who keep falling into there world in different ways in order to protect there precious pony privates.

mermaid story with war in it

Macro/giant anon refused small(normal size) pony sex. He afraid he would hurt them. But find out a spell makes them super stretchy. Fits main six straight threw (no pain) all on himself at once . Massive orgy all mares.. Maybe a few stallion get caught up in it just to worship him.

Also could go rule34 with it too.

Anon with a micro genitals being laugh at

GigaCelestia fights Mantrid to save the Universe and all the cute humans.

A human with a rare condition. When he cuddles the ponies, instead of them getting pregnant, they explode.
(I'm a terrible person)

celestia comes to the sudden realization she's a robot built by luna for non-consensual cuddles

Yeah, he's too big. XD

But he may find somepony with an insane fetish.

They can only resist for so long. Until an army of handsome Anons come.

Goo pony sex? Hmm, perhaps.

Not sure about rule34.

Good giant Sunbutt hero action. XD

The human would end up in jail eventually. Or killed.

Celestia hapes everyone? She go all grey goo cuddles.

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