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Hey y'all. I'm a christian brony born in 1996, I just love making stories. Picture of my oc done by a really good friend of mine. And though I'm a Christian, I may write M rated stories if I can.

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  • Sunday
    Taking commissions

    I am accepting commissions. I'll be charging $10.00 for the first chapter and additional chapters, $5.00 each.

    If you'd like to pm me with the details, please pm me. If we strike a deal I'll give you my payday then.

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  • Wednesday
    My stories.

    I'm making this blog to let people know that my stories may vary. If some characters are dead in one, they might also be alive in some, but I will keep continuity if the fix directly ties with another one I wrote.

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  • 2 weeks

    While watching Equestron's review on the movie. Check him out by the way if you don't already, he makes awesome content.

    I noticed the significance of Sunny's scrunchy draw and what it reveals about her character and the town and to a broader extent the world in which she lives in.

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  • 3 weeks
    Spoiler free review of My Little Pony: A New Generation

    Spoiler free.

    My Little Pony: A New Generation was a joy to watch, the story was well paced and the characters were well rounded and diverse in personality.

    The voice cast was phenomenal, and surprisingly Ken Jeong was not all that bad as Sprout. But the character personality is a bit much at parts of the movie.

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  • 4 weeks

    A yahoo news article that may or may not be completely true, but it wouldn't surprise me.


    Some of these alternatives sound so asinine and worse.

    I get some words are coated in dark history, but come on people, get the subtext and whole story before going on a tangent.

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Anyone · 10:45pm June 22nd

Anyone wanna talk about anime with me

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What anime do you watch?

Pretty much anything. Action mostly.

But I do have a list of animes I've seen, which are too many to name right now.

But just today I finished watching the second season of Dr. Stone.

Watched the demon Slayer movie.

I'm gonna give record of Ragnarok a look see.
I also started watching Romeo x Juliet.

The anime that I watched in the early days were Sailor Moon, Gatekeepers, Fushigi Yuugi, Princess Sarah, Remi: Nobody's Girl, Ranma 1/2, Crayon Shin-chan, and Digimon Frontier.

Though I don't watch anymore, the recent anime content that I watched was the 2-parter Sailor Moon Eternal movie on Netflix.

Nice. If you want to try and watch anime again, I HIGHLY recommend Dr. Stone.

If I had to rank it is give it a God tier, but I do know it's my opinion.

To me it's great and the only anime I know of that has a disclaimer at the end

I can talk with you about it to the best of my abilities.

Kk. Pm me sometime

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