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I am a fan to crossovers with sci-fi, horror, etc. I am honored to present to you of the stories I will make for everyone

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My quote suggestion for Cinematic Adventures Star Wars · 6:41pm June 22nd

Return of the Jedi

After Vader threw Palpatine into the shaft to save his son, Sunset, and Twilight's life, his disembodied soul was shown and they knew that he possess the power of Transfer Essence to have an new body. But Sunset and Twilight used their equestrian magic and captured him from escaping. The all of a sudden, he grab held of their throats and began to strangle them.

"YOU INSOLENT FOOLS! When I get more power from you I will return to life and ascend to godhood, and the galaxy will be remade in my eternal image!" he said.

"You want power?" asked Twilight.

"YOU WANT POWER!?" asked Sunset.

"Then take it. TAKE IT ALL!" they said as they thrust their fists into Palpatine's soul like heart and began filling him with all their rage, hate, and anger. The Emperor was enjoying the sensation that he at long last has became a Sith God.

”YES! AT LONG LAST!”he said in pleasure.

But something is wrong. While being filled with so much power, his heart was beginning to show signs of fractures. As he felt it, it means that Sunset and Twilight are giving their all to overload him with so much power that he'll explode like a supernova. His feelings of bliss became feelings of fear that he is about to explode and lose all of his power. Just like when he murdered his master and confirmed his fears, Darth Plagueis.

Then out of the blue when he can't take no more, his back was cracking open and all of a sudden.... BOOM!

”AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!“ he screamed in pain as the overload of power erupted from his back and his whole soul like body was inflamed with lightning and fire as he dropped Sunset and Twilight from his grip.

As he continues to burn, he is now feeling that all of his powers are fading and leaving including his only ability for immortality; Transfer Essence.

With all that happening and his soul like flesh began decomposing, he said, "WHAT HAVE YOU DONE!? I'M LOSING ALL MY UNLIMITED POWER, MY IMMORTALITY, AND MY POWER OF TRANSFER ESSENCE! TAKE IT BACK! TAKE IT BACK!!!"

"You wanted power, we gave it to you." said Sunset.

"But it will always have a price you will pay." said Twilight.

”NOW BE GONE!!!”they yelled as they force pushed him to the roof of his throne room.

As all the overload of power inside Palpatine has began to make its final explosion, everything around the throne room is enveloped with bright light as Palpatine's soul like body starts cracking like broken glass. Then as he made his final scream and the overload of power begins to build up to a breaking point, and the bright light enveloped on the top of the Second Death Star spreads out a little, then..... BOOM!!!

The blast wave of the Emperor's overload of power spread out from the Death Star and straight to the imperial fleet while in battle against the Rebels. Then as the wave hit the imperial fleet, all ships were being destroyed along with Vader's Executor SSD except the Rebel Fleet. But one Imperial Class SD MK2 called the 'Devastator', Vader's former flagship were fast enough to evade the wave and survived. As the blast wave faded from existence, the crews on the 'Devastator' recovered and looked upon the destroyed ruins of what it used to be the Imperial fleet.

Inside the ship, Grand Admiral Tex of the 501st Legion AKA Vader's Fist has observed the losses of the fleet and took off his hat and on his chest to mourn for all of the lives of comrades he and his crew lost.

Then in thought, he knew that the wave was filled with force lightning and he knew who uses it. He said, "Oh no."

Then with determination he said, "Get us to the Death Star now!"

"Yes sir!" said the helmsman as they fly their way to the Death Star to aid their Emperor.

Back on the Death Star, inside the throne room, Twilight, Sunset, Luke, and Vader (Anakin) survived the explosion and found Palpatine still alive in his soul form after the overload of power. Twilight and Sunset walked up to him and glared at him as they gaze upon his soul like flesh even more decomposed and torn off showing most of his skeleton. As he awakes, he looked at himself of his current state and said, "No, no, what have you done!? All my power! Not only you gave me power, but you took it all away from me I'm... nothing."

"And that's all you'll ever be!" said Twilight as Sunset walked up and grabbed him by the neck and start punching him in his face multiple times to endure torture as payback for what he did to her.

"THIS IS FOR TORTURING ME! THIS IS FOR TURNING ME INTO THE MONSTER I VOWED TO NEVER BE AGAIN! THIS IS FOR TURNING ME AGAINST MY FRIENDS! AND THIS IS FOR LYING TO ME! YOU ARE AN ABOMINATION YOU INSANE, DERANGED, PSYCHOPATHIC, GENOCIDAL MANIAC!" she yelled as she punched him more and tore off his left arm from his socket spewing out his ghost blood and faded away from existence forever.

"Have mercy! Please! PLEASE!" he pleaded in fear.

"As a matter of fact, NO!" said Twilight and Sunset.

“And that’s no wonder why your former master Darth Plagueis never trusted you. He never trusts you back then, he never trusts you now.” said Sunset.

Then as the blast doors open, Grand Admiral Tex caught sight of his Emperor as a soul and of whom killed him. He glared at the girls and Luke with anger in his eyes and his weapon aimed at them as he said, "WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO MY EMPEROR!?"

"Your Emperor is a fraud. He plans to not only destroy worlds with innocent people to show how deadly he can be forcing them to serve him as slaves but to also destroy or scorch any system he deems unworthy of his service with another planet-destroying super weapon for Operation: Cinders." said Twilight.

"We've looked into the files of the operation sent by Han and the others on Endor while we were in battle with your Emperor and before they destroyed the orbital shield bunker to shield your Death Star. Your home world of origin was selected to be scorched by Operation: Cinders." said Luke.

After of what they said, a revelation came to the Grand Admiral. He was used, abused, manipulated, lied to, and misguided as he now finally understands that Palpatine doesn't care for his home world of origin but his goal to be a god.

He walked up to Palpatine and grabbed him by the throat he said, "How long have you been planning to bring geocide to all the galaxy, to destroy my home planet, and turn the galaxy into a Void of Lifelessness resulting that the force will cease to exist!? HOW LONG HAVE I AND EVERYONE ELSE HAVE BEEN LIVING YOUR LIES!!??"

"Longer than you can even understand. THE EMPIRE IS YOUR HOME AND NOWHERE ELSE!!!" he yelled.

The Grand Admiral tightened his grip to strangle him more.

"It is never my home, it was never like anything like it was my home, IT IS NOTHING BUT A WASTELAND YOU GENOCIDAL PSYCHOPATH! Your intentions for genocide since the destruction of Alderaan is the reason why there was betrayal and treason within the ranks of the Empire's Armed Forces!" he said as he strangled him hard and dropped him to the floor.

"And for that you are no longer our Emperor. And for those who still follow your twisted vision of the future will die." he said as Twilight and Sunset approached Palpatine.

As Twilight and Sunset conjured a portal which is the gateway to Hell, Sunset said, "For all the innocents you've murdered and turning me into your own deranged puppet, we hereby banish you straight to Hell where you will join your fallen brothers and sisters who are unworthy to be called Sith."

"Have a nice eternity of torture and torment, you monster." said Tex as Twilight and Sunset threw Palpatine into the portal falling down screaming in absolute fear. Then they closed the portal and the day marks the eternal end of the unworthy Sith.

"Follow me to the hangar and bring Vader with you. We must leave this place and back to Vader's former flagship the 'Devastator' and to the Endor moon, the Rebels may have gotten to the main reactor core any minute now." said Tex.

"Lead the way." said Luke, Twilight, and Sunset as they followed Tex and carried Vader to the hangar in hopes to escape the Death Star's destruction in time.

At the Hangar Bay as the crews begin evacuations, Tex, Luke, Twilight, and Sunset rushed to the shuttle the Grand Admiral landed in. As they arrived in time and settled on the shuttle's door, Vader said, "Luke. Help me take this mask off."

"But, you'll die." said Luke.

"Nothing can stop that now. Just let me see you three with my own eyes." he said as Luke removed the top part of the mask and now removed the mask itself to reveal the face of Anakin Skywalker.

They were surprised to see his face and his eyes were back to normal; meaning that the darkness no longer exists in him.
Darth Vader is dead.

"Now, go my son and friends. Leave me." he said.

"No you're coming with us." said Luke.

"We're not going to leave you here. We're here to save you from all this and what will happen." said Sunset.

"You three already have, Sunset. You were right. You three were right about me. Tell my son's sister and your friends, you were right." he said as he gazed on Sunset's aquamarine eyes and placed his left hand on her face.

"You remind me of my wife and Luke's mother, Padme. You as one of the Elements of Harmony, the Element of Empathy. Padme empathized with me when I lost my mother to the Sand People. Learning that Sidious was behind it into making me into a monster. And I killed her because he wanted her out of his way and I never forgiven myself and Sidious for that. You remind me much of her. I see a lot of Padme in you and in your eyes. Tell her I said, 'I'm sorry for everything I've done'. And at least I'd get to see my beloved Padme in you for one... last... time." he said with his last breath flattering Sunset as she knew she did remind him much of Padme in herself with all her love and all her empathy.

"Father. We won't leave you." said Luke as Anakin fell to the floor of the shuttle's door with his hand slipping off of Sunset's face and his body turned grey as the color of death.

Luke lowered his head in sorrow as Twilight and Sunset broke down in tears and sadness for whom they and Luke have lost as Sunset crawled to pick up Anakin's head and said, "Goodbye Ani. I love you." she said as she gave him a passionate kiss to fill his soul with one thing he lost long ago. Love.

Grand Admiral Tex saw the whole thing and took his hat off in sorrow to mourn and honor the memory his dearly departed general. As he put his hat back on he said, "Let's go to Endor. We'll find a place to bury him and honor his deed and memory on this day, the Jedi has returned."

As they left the Death Star and to Endor, they see now that the war between Jedi and Sith that started 1000 years ago has ended and peace, harmony, friendship, and the Jedi have won.

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