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Debunking TV-Tropes (Calista's Death) · 3:36am June 22nd

I'm getting really annoyed with all the complaints I keep getting (Not that I wouldn't get them if Calista was saved anyway)

But you know I have a much easier answer to counter all this SLOP with one simple rebuttal... SEE THE BOTTOM... but let's hack at these morons anyway.

Let's see... it reads.

In "Daring Devils", Calista goes to a spot where she and Dearka used to meet. However, Vistula is currently under attack and as their leader, if she dies, it could put her whole planet in disarray.

Her whole planet was already in disarray, and had been so years prior to Dearka's brainwashing and becoming a Devil. (There was no Starfleet to help them then, having not discovered the planet yet.)

You'd Expect: Her to have a whole squad of soldiers surround her. As the Satellite Love Interest of a high ranking Devil general, she's a prime target for Von Devilor, so she needs plenty of protection.

Okay, first of all, even if she HAD said squad of soldiers, you don't honestly think I would write so it helped... do you? (Even if they had an army of a million... Just ONE DEVIL could blow them all down easily)

Second, she knew she needed protection, but she was desperate to help her true love come to his senses, and managed to persuade Starfleet to let her loose. applejack and Pinkie could've been more firm with her... (But that would also be ineffective... SEE FINAL REBUTTAL AT BOTTOM)

Alternatively: She should be given armor to wear. That way, if her guards can't save her, she can tank any ambushes there.
Instead: Only two soldiers accompany her, and nobody even thinks of getting her armor.

First of all, I think you mean *TAKE*

Second (As I have just stated) The Vistulans, as they are, can never DREAM of being able to stand up to the Devils... Period.

You'd Then Expect: Said soldiers to keep an eye out for any danger.
Instead: They don't.
Result: Scarlet attacks them. Dearka can't teleport Calista without poisoning her, trapping them.

Wouldn't matter if she had 100 soldiers watching her (SEE BOTTOM REBUTTAL)

You'd Then Expect: AJ and Pinkie to carry Calista away and protect her while Dearka holds off Scarlet. AJ and Pinkie's armor is durable enough for them to tank hits from enemies and they both have shields to provide further protection to Calista. For that matter, they should also remember that Calista is a huge target for Von Devilor and watch out for any more surprise attacks.

_Both mares forget they can fly and fight off Scarlet, while Dearka flees with Calista without watching out for surprise attacks.Result_ Von Devilor ambushes them and fires at them_

Again, it's *Take* not "Tank"

Pinkie and Applejack's shields wouldn't last long (Not without Agapi's power to aid them)

Even if they DID carry her out... it wouldn't help (SEE BOTTOM)

You'd Then Expect: Dearka to shield Calista. He's the one wearing armor, so he's less likely to get killed by the bolts, and Lightning, Krysta, and Spike are nearby, so by protecting Calista, he can buy time for the others to move her to safety.

No, he's not less likely to be killed. Von Devilor doesn't care about him, or anyone including his henchmen (That's showing compassion, which is LOVE and CARE, which he does not like) If Dearka's outgrown his usefulness... He wouldn't think twice about striking his own solider.

You'd Also Expect: Krysta to at least try to teleport the gang in front of Dearka and Calista.

All this was happening DURING the times... by the time Krysta would be around to teleporting, it would be too late. IT won't help anyway, (SEE BOTTOM)

Alternatively: Lightning and Spike can fire at the bolts to delay them.
Instead: They all let Calista get hit.

Result: Calista dies. This was entirely preventable and wouldn't have happened if it weren't for several successive bouts of stupidity on the part of everyone else. Our heroes, everyone.

Here's the bottom, and the biggest Rebuttal against these morons and their so-called "alternatives" and I write this in BIG LETTERS just to make sure you're reading properly (though I know how ignorant and arrogant people are...)


Calsita was going to die no matter what... Period

You can make up all the alternatives and plans you want, I'll simply write them all so they don't work and she still dies... Period

I wanted to make MY STORY... in MY WAY... and MY WAY means, Calista's tragic death will finally snap Dearka to turning against Von Devilor, to join Starfleet and avenge her, and also to kick him in the side because it's largely his own fault she died for not trusting her and being blinded by his rage and Von Devilors lies.

but one again, just to kick YOU ALL in the side again...

Calsita is gonna die... Period... end of story...

So take your alternatives and shove 'em

Besides, it wouldn't make a difference if she lived anyway, she'd still be mocked, Starfleet would still be mocked, and I'd still get a whole bunch of crap thrown my way. So don't come up with these "Suggestions" or "Alternatives" when they're going to be ineffective, and you don't really want them anyway.

When you read MY STORIES, you'll by MY RULES.

Comments ( 7 )

Again, it's *Take* not "Tank"

Nah, they mean "Tank". Usually just used as a term to describe things that just absorb damage and don't get destroyed, just like Tanks. Tanks, at least in combat, can take a lot of damage from regular rifles and such, so much that you need specified weapons and tactics to deal with them. So people just describe things as "Tanks" or "Tanky" if they just absorb damage without suffering much damage. In this instance, they were basically saying "Why don't they have any armor so that they can take some form of damage during an ambush without dying so quickly?"


Never heard it before in my life.

-People aren't naturally BORN knowing things
-You cannot look up what you don't know exists, it has to be shown to you first


Never heard it before in my life.

Bruddah, you need to consume more internet culture if you wanna read a lot of informal things. We got a lot of terms you certainly have no clue of.

People aren't naturally BORN knowing things
-You cannot look up what you don't know exists, it has to be shown to you first

And that's exactly what I educated you about. I informed you of something you previously lacked the knowledge of.


And that's exactly what I educated you about. I informed you of something you previously lacked the knowledge of.

Which means nothing Knowing things or learning new stuff will not change a thing I promise you...

It does change a thing. It changes the fact that you didn't know what one term means. Me correcting you has changed one thing.


Me correcting you has changed one thing.

Again... means nothing and holds no value.

Well. I guess so, since it's been 2 months. Well, a little under 2 months, but still. Takes a while to respond I guess.

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