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Pride Month · 8:21pm Jun 20th, 2021

I guess I could chip in. Look how virtuous I am... or whatever.

But seriously, is anyone else just indifferent toward it? Just seems like another way to sell stuff, without actually doing anything to help gay peaple. All these parades only happen in Western Countries for the most part. It's basically a cricket show outside of that. These same companies changing their company logo to the pride flag are more than happy to sell their stuff to countries that still throw gay people off buildings for the simple crime of being gay.

Hard to take it very seriously when you consider that.

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Trust me, corporations have been on blast from the community over monetizing virtue for a quick buck. I think myself, and others, are more so just giving a quick, sappy pat on the back to the people we like and care for.

And you're right in regards to something should be done about actual rights being given instead of the, as I said, corporate parade of merch. Disney is proud to merch while censoring anything remotely gay in countries like china. That deserves criticism.

Essentially, nothing wrong with people showing pride during this month for something close to them and their loved ones, but corporations should be on blast for just celebrating the rain of money.

Oi, you're not alone, bud. :facehoof:

I ain't against it, don't get me wrong, but I'm just "eh" on all of it in general. I do my thing, they do theirs, as long as it isn't shoved down my throat.

But you know people, you can have whatever opinion you want, but if it's not overwhelmingly positive with this subject, you're apparently a monster.

I appreciate your blog post about it. I felt inspired to make my own.

I think myself, and others, are more so just giving a quick, sappy pat on the back to the people we like and care for.

Yeah. Gotta make the best of what you can get in this awful world.

Disney is proud to merch while censoring anything remotely gay in countries like china. That deserves criticism.

At some point, they may end up having to choose. But as of right now, they getting away with it, it seems so.

Yeah, partially why I made it. I want to inject some positivity in the world. Even just a little. Glad to have inspired.

As for Disney, yeah. They are pretty much the epitome of pleasing no one down the path they are choosing.

You are not allowed to be neutral. "If you're not with me, then you're my enemy." The world today in a nutshell. (or maybe it always was)

I felt like I should do something. Even if it's very insignificant in the grand scheme of things. I am a Keyboard Warrior standing for duty basically.


I hope they crash and burn. Honestly.

I'm not against it, I was just saying :3

Sorry. I didn't mean to imply that you were.

It's all good, 30% iron bud, lol 🤖

In fimfiction's case, I'm 30% butt. If you read my stories...

I get what you mean man. Just like on black history month they'll slap a banner that says "Happy black history month" or a picture of a famous civil rights leader on their labels and yet still sell their products that haven't abolished slavery or still have racial segregation, or on women's day when the post a picture of a famous activist who fought for the rights of women or slap a "Happy women's day" banner on their labels and still sell their products to countries where women are either second-class citizens or have no rights at all. It's that level of crass consumerism that sickens me.

It's all so plastic, isn't it?

Money trump's human rights it seems. I don't see that changing any time soon, unfortunately. If not ever.

This might be an unpopular opinion but being gay is not really an accomplishment so I don't see the point of pride month. Black History month I get since its celebrating civil rights, but pride month? I don't get it at all.

Pretty much my attitude to it all. I dont mind supporting a good cause but dont shove it down my throat. Just leave me alone and my confused heterosexuality alone lol

I am not going to yell at you. But being gay is a dangerous thing in this world. You are vastly outnumbered by heterosexuals in terms of population. You may end up killed or abused for the simple fact you are gay. Only very recently did gay people have good overall rights in the West. In many places in this world, you best keep the fact that if you are gay a secret, otherwise, you may risk a literal death sentence.

Anyway, sorry if I was preachy there.

My mother is a breast cancer survivor and a uterine cancer survivor. I refuse to buy any pink ribbon pins, or anything with pink tops or lids. Yes awareness is a good thing, but companies do it as a way that they can talk about women's breasts, in a roundabout sexualized way. When I have the spare cash, I donate money to cancer research foundations or to charities that help people who can't afford chemo and other cancer treatment drugs to get them.

I'm all for awareness for health and civil rights crises, but companies selling ribbons and caps, or slapping banners, flags or photos on their products do nothing to help the people struggling with them. Instead do a little research and donate to reputable charities that help people, you don't have to give big amounts of money, just a few bucks when you can, it does nobody any good if you donate yourself into homelessness.

Happy Pride Month! Buy our shit UwU

as a Gay guy myself, i honestly hate all the pandering and pride stuff, and i hate the LGBT community mostly just the really loud obnoxious ones that give me a bad name and ensure that i stay in the closet publicly

but yeah fuck giving me a whole month to myself if its truly about equality then why do i get a month dedicated to myself just because i like dick, why don’t straight or other people get there own month for things

just would rather stay in the closet and keep to myself cause these clowns make me look terrible as a whole guilty by association thing, and yeah they need to stop forcing it down people’s throats

and yeah i know the risks of how the outside world sees people like me but thats also why im armed to the teeth and in a “fuck around and find out mentality” if anyone was to want to hurt me just because of who i am i feel bad for the peppole in other parts of the world that don’t have the freedom to protect themselves and there way of life and cant express themselves, world is just wack

I'm straight lol, I just simply find Pride Month pointless.

I was speaking hypothetically, but yeah sorry if I come across like that.

Especially if it's done in front of children, that's not going to really help their case against homophobia.

Another our DLC if it's a video game.


Nope, you're not alone. It's sad to see all companies changing logos, and 'supporting' the 'pride' just to sell some more stuff.

And even with that out of the picture, I always found these parades and the whole 'pride' thing a two-edged sword:

  • In the past over here they were called 'tolerance parades,' or 'equality parades' and the goal was to show that people should be tolerant of others regardless of their sexual preferences. That made sense and still does - rising awareness and stuff.
  • But at the same time, these things always attracted a bunch of loonies, whose pictures and obscene/provoking behavior landed in the news the next day, stirring shit up. Every time this happened it pissed people off and obliterated any progress towards equals rights.

Personally, I went all the way from being taught to oppose such things, to be 100% neutral. But I still believe it does more harm than good to the LGBT community, at least in Poland.

Jumping the gun is real. Lots of people don't like inappropriate behavior in public. As in dry humping or whatever, especially when children could see that as they stand in the street. By all means, they can do that in private. Like pretty much everyone else does already.

So, it's backfiring on them. It's sad. But if they played smart, they would have less of an issue.



Precisely, but apparently, pride is open for everyone... So then in some media, you don't see the 99% of normal smiling people, but these guys:


Perspective is a bitch, but it's really not hard to understand why some people are not exactly fond of the thing :unsuresweetie:.

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