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To the People who did not heed my warning and failed to comment. · 8:18pm June 19th

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I'm confused


These people right here officer!

I think your overreacting a bit. Remember anything you do can and will adversely affect your reputation. So please don't do anything rash.

hey i commented i just did so without need to be threatend. did you?

Ok I see where this is going. (Takes screenshots of comments) Lets me open a message to site Admins (posts screenshots) now should I hit the send button? :yay:


I was trying to be funny :fluttercry:

Hey, no. Just no

dont worry you were:pinkiehappy:

Wait what is this referring to?

(Click) message sent :yay:

Those of us who left a comment be like:

No, I have chosen to go down my way. In a Blaze of glory.

i dont getit

Please refer to the author's notes of chapter "16-A Recovering Flame" item 4.

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