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Random Ramblings CDXIV · 4:40am Jun 18th, 2021

Hey y'all! So, uh, I've been having some demon-liquor. Enjoy this random-as-hell Otter video!

I love otters. Have for years. But sadly they can't fit into my writing oeuvre. So sit back and enjoy my word-vomit!

Okay. So… I started writing an EQUESTRIA GIRLS chapter that I'd always intended to write before my final chapter "Chaos Dunk". Unfortunately life got in the way. See, as those of y'all who've read my last few sporadic posts know, my dad died last year. As his sole heir, taking care of his affairs is entirely on me… at least legally. My mother, bless her poor heart, has been a godsend helping me navigate all this crap.

Dad's house was suppose to sell tomorrow, but shit happened and it got pushed back a week at the last minute (i.e. today). I'm not happy because that means it'll be 7 more days until I get my money -- my mother already got hers via life insurance and SS. Stupid bitch of a second wife who married my dad (at the expense of my mom) screwed herself out of literally everything by divorcing him before he died, plus me going behind her back and reminding him to cut her out of his will. She got back at me by getting me thrown in jail once, possibly a second time if things don't go well for me, but I'm going to win in the end and she'll probably die soon because she's a miserable fuck and I threw out all her family photos because she didn't bother to get them when she had the opportunity HAHA.

Jail food is terrible. Trust me on this. Cornbread-ish thing was decent though.

Why do I bring up jail? Partly because I'm still too sober to write incoherently and also because it's where my upcoming Sunset Shimmer story will start. I'm not sure if I want to tell it in chronological order or flash back to Juvie after the first chapter. It's taking me longer than expected to warp the story of Sukeban Deka to fit Sunset Shimmer. It's REALLY hard to let go of my headcanon for her (plus actual semi-canon)

Sunset has stated outright that she was never close with her biological family, so I spun that into an entire backstory that I still haven't gotten the chance to completely explore, though as always I've dropped hints in my many SS fics -- she's from Stalliongrad, a Unicorn in a mostly Earth-pony family, a "resurger" or some shit meant to re-balance the magical equilibrium when there's too much race-mixing (normally a mixed-race pony lacks the full power of either of its parents and a bloodline becomes more and more diluted …I wonder how I should explain this theory. I could have Twilight study it and get called out for racism even though, unlike in humans, it seems to be true in Ponies). Whatever.

Donald Trump. He's dead in EQG-verse, living for now in Ponyverse. He'll be back in my Sunset Story because it's Alt-Universe. I'm waiting for the indictment before I can finish the Mayor Mare story. The justice system works slow. I know this firsthand.

June is Pride Month. A rather high number of my IRL friends are GLBT. I'm not. Sometimes I think I'm the only person on earth who would have a more interesting life if I was gay (as many at my high school assumed). But I like girl-bits too much, so I'll just be Forever Alone, with nothing but my money, my anime & manga collection, and horsewords to keep me company until I die. There's a girl I like, but she's way outta my league. I could attempt her younger sister (just a couple years behind me) but that seems unlikely.

Meanwhile, I spend every night at 8pm CDT watching videos about FUCKING OTTERS!!! (not literally having sex, though there are a few with otters giving birth).

Dammit, I missed the half-hour cutoff. Oh well. I hate it when my blogs aren't on the EXACT 15min mark. That's my OCD rearing its ugly head.

This past Monday I helped three Salvadorans move family stuff out of my dad's house to a storage unit we rented. One thing I decided to save is a CRT TV so I can play my 16-bit video games and have them look the way they should. Lord Christ that TV was heavy! We're spoiled nowadays.

Anyone who says Latinos are lazy has never hired one to work for them. I just feel guilty that my Spanish is so shit. I'm just a stupid weak gringo (a word that, as far as I'm concerned, is the White equivalent of n!gger). I hate White people. Even me. Especially me. We deserve to suffer. White trash with less money and education than me, who I deal with a lot in my hometown, are even worse. Can't trust them. Maybe it's more an America thing than a race thing -- everyone trying to find an angle to do as little as possible and screw over everyone else. This society is fucking broken. The American Revolution was a mistake. I pledged my loyalty to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth long ago. But once she's gone, I don't know if Prince Charles will be worthy of it.

I want to kill Rupert Murdoch in one of my stories just like I did Trump. Who should I have do it by proxy? Aria again? 'Dagi? Haven't written her in a long time.

I'm gonna watch more Sukeban Deka now.

Peace out.

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