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My Long Slumber Has Ended: The Summer Sin Celebration · 1:47am June 18th

You ever feel satisfied, like you just accomplished something great and wanted to bask in the afterglow? That was how I felt after the success of Dibs on My Sister. Hell, I'm still basking in it! Every time I listen to Sabaton's Winged Hussars I think of Firesight's blog intervention that sent Dibs to #1 featured. When I hear Carolus Rex, I think of the story taking first place in the February Found Out contest. When I listen to Rush E, I think of the writing process itself - 1000 words at least a day, every day, for 15 days straight.

Four months later and it still feels amazing. What a time it was, Dibs on My Sister...

But that's not what this blog about. I'm writing again but this not for money or for prestige but for fun.

The Summer Sin Celebration Is an event where people will swap clopfics anonymously. Here are the rules for the event.. I would like anyone reading my blog to consider participating just for the sake of community and good feels. Just remember that if you want someone to write for you, you have to write for them! Don't worry too much about 'failing' at anything; we're here for a good time and if a newbie writes my request, so be it.

I'll be joining as a secret Santa but also as a 'fluffer', meaning I'll possibly be called upon to write a story if another guy drops out. So be on the lookout for a new story from me by the end of July. I'll have a word limit of 5000 but I'm going to do as well as I possibly can to make it worthy of my name. And who knows? Maybe I'll end up writing for you. Ya never know... :raritywink:

I'll close this blog out with a link to a 3D model of Phoebe from Dibs on My Sister I created using Ponykumen.net. Her cutie mark is, of course, the edelweiss flower she shares with her brother.

If I could have made her ears any bigger, I would have.

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I'll be sure to add extra ear scritches if I end up drawing your name.

Welcome aboard, bud! This’ll be my first time writing smut, and I’m admittedly not a proper writer; no sense of structure or really any true flow of a story, but I’m gonna do the best I can to bring my person’s story to life!

Hell yeah, bro. Just do your best!

Glad I could send my readers Winged Hussars galloping to your rescue! They rescued Dibs just as heroically as they saved Vienna.

If passing up an Admiral Biscuit fic at #2 isn't the same thing as saving Austria from the Ottoman Empire then I don't know what is!

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