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Extermination (EG) · 12:38am June 18th

“Uh... excuse me, miss?”

The waitress, a dark pink-haired girl at about 18 or 19, turned to one of the customers at the table. “What now?”

Thorax swatted the air, failing to catch the buzzing flies around him. “I’d hate to be critical, but... can we maybe sit somewhere else?”

“Great... one of you pissbabies wet the seat or somethin’? I don’t have time for this crap.”

“Er, no... it’s just, I know my friend Cricket here is fond of insects, but I can’t really concentrate on my food when there’s... you know, flying pests?”

The girl gave him a scowl. “The only ‘pest’ I can recognize is the one that’s currently speaking to me. Now zip it.

With that, she turned and left, leaving the poor boy whimpering and biting his lip.

Flutterwings pat him on the back. “...Now what?”

Scorch looked down at the floor, where a slip of paper was laying next to his feet. A grin spread on his face as he bent down to pick it up, taking a pen out of his pocket. “Don’t worry guys,” he said as he began writing on it. “I got this under control.”

“Geez, girl... what’s up with you?”

“Oh, some hotshot gave me his number when I was working last night. I’m about to call him right now!”


“Look, he’s answering!” she put her phone to her ear. “Hello? Hey, are you there? It’s me, remember? You gave me your number! ...Wait... excuse me?” she uttered, her brow furrowing. “What do you mean, ‘this is your local pest control?!’ No, I am not trying to call for an extermination!

“...How romantic.”

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