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I need volunteers to run "And That's How Equestria was Made" at Everfree NW · 12:28am June 18th

Who's going to Everfree NW (near Seattle, Aug 13-15)? You can reply here, but you get bonus Internet points if you reply on the fimfiction Convention Planning page for Everfree NW 2021.

I'd like to run "And That's How Equestria was Made" at Everfree NW, same way as at Bronycon that year that I was in a wheelchair for most of the con. Only without the wheelchair. But I need 6 people who are attending Everfree NW to volunteer to play the Mane 6.

It's basically the same game as "Evil Overlord", which someone taught me at some Bronycon. (Maybe Horizon--or was it Archonix? Professor Plum? I don't remember now, except that I was surprised and alarmed at how evil he could act when he set his mind to it. Originally it was more like Baron Munchausen, another fine game, but less conducive to inducing paranoia and herd panic.)

In my game, Celestia and her minions most-faithful friends sit together in a circle. Celestia is disturbed by something, and thinks her minions friends might have had something to do with it. She begins by questioning one minion friend. That minion minion must make up a reply, and a story, without contradicting anything previously said, that will take the pressure off her--and the only way to do that is usually to shift the blame onto somepony else, who probably wants to go to the moon anyway. When enough friends minions have been sent to the moon to placate Celestia's wrath that justice has been done, that round of the game is over.

So, I need 6 players, and I have... let's see... mmm, zero. Oh, and I need them by tomorrow, which is the submission deadline.

At least I didn't put it off until the last minute this time. There's, like, more than a thousand minutes left.

The volunteers will need to try it out together beforehand, over Zoom or whatever it is the kids are using these days, say 2 sessions of 30-60 minutes. It takes a little bit of practice to figure out the different ways it can go wrong.

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I wish. Sounds like fun... unfortunately adulting prevents traveling for conventions right now:raritycry:

I'm willing to be one of your minions for the panel.

I'm going, but I'm terrible at commitment. Sign me as an alternate minion?

This sounds like a fascinating study in 'how good are you at lying on the spot?'

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