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Hi, my name is Heroic412227, but you can call me Heroic. I'm still learning how to be the best writer I can be.

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Does anyone want me to leave Fimfiction permanently? · 9:29pm June 17th

Sorry to act so cynical and defeatist, but does anyone really want me to leave Fimfiction permanently? If so, is it because I've been pestering you and others so much? Look, I know that I have been very irritating, dense, and annoying, but I already tried to give some people an apology for the way I've been acting.

If I haven't, then here it is:

I'm sorry for putting all of you through so much turmoil. I need to do a better job of controlling myself, not taking criticism too personally, and stop pestering everyone about my OC and focus more on my stories instead. Can you all ever forgive me?

Comments ( 6 )

Nah I don’t think anyone wants you to just leave permanently or even temporarily.

You are good with me and I say stay

Applefai #3 · June 17th · · 1 ·

Nah, don't leave. I don't think you've been a bother

Your cool. I enjoy having you online.

You’re like one dude, for you to actually annoy anyone so much they’d want to leave would probably be at least 10 times whatever you’re doing. People are actually afraid of people leaving Fimfiction because others already have been since the fandom is starting to peter out and people are worried the time of Bronies is over and they’ll never get experience things like Fimfiction again. No ones leaving because someone’s annoying. They’re leaving because they find other shit to do.

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