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Do you ever have trouble liking your favorite character upon seeing them act like an asshole in some fanfics? · 7:02pm June 17th

...I know it sounds crazy, but that’s me right now.

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Yeah, sometimes

Yeah, same...

No, I usually have trouble seeing the opposite.

Yay, I’m not crazy.

At least, I don’t think I am.

Sometimes, yeah. Though more often if I see a group or a character I like presented poorly or misused, I'll just drop the fic, even if other its elements seem good. It happens to certain groups more often than to others. Changelings are such a touchy topic for example, as well as Mass Effect's quarians to a lesser degree. There is no real reason for this, sometimes I just pick a group to be unreasonably focused on and I have no idea why it happens. Like, I could tell you why exactly I like them, but not why I feel way more strongly about changelings than griffons for example.

Nope. Chrysalis is one fan fic a caring mother the next a heartless mass murderer.

Twilight is in one the best Ambassador and next she is a lunatic dont minding murdering pony beside the point disposing of the body of a royal guard isnt done without complication.

Celestia is a kind and generous leader one story.and is in another one that dont bat a eye on mass murder, genoside and raping prisoners.

Nightmaremoon is in one story nothing but a evil parasitic lifeform tarterusbend ending all life wile in another being a loving sister to Celestia and Luna ( no im absolutly dont advertise my own story that isnt approved by moderation because i seem to need to learn setting ' , ' before its acceptebel to publication :facehoof: )

I'm mostly rambling about how it's easier for me to dislike a fic based on how it presents certain characters more than others for no actual reason. Like, if a fic does something I don't like with Celestia, Twilight or Fluttershy, I will usually try to get over it.

When it's done to Thorax, Pharynx or just a generic changeling, it's much easier for me to take offense and stop reading.

I feel like I'm still not doing a good job of explaining it.

Did I just reply to my own comment? lol, it was meant to be for you.


When it's done to Thorax, Pharynx or just a generic changeling, it's much easier for me to take offense and stop reading.

This right here.

Glad I got my point across this time. Also happy to see I'm not the only one with behaviours like that.

Yeah that happen to me when I read fanfiction stories and and I felt like they don't know how to portray them

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