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So about the next two chapters of I -AM- my teenage daughter. (don't worry it's not canceled) · 5:42pm June 17th

Okay so issues writing aside, there was another thing about this story.

Since it got such a positive reception. (Or well the original fic did) I couldn't help myself but continue it a bit. Even so I have a very vague idea of where the story is going. As such where we ended was all I had for the initial run. I wasn't sure exactly what to do next.

Then watching an old anime for my anime stream... gave me an idea. An idea so silly. I can't help but do it. So I have an idea what the next part of Honey Bell's journey is going to include.

So why am I making this blog post? Well... regardless if I go with this idea or not, I really feel that the next couple of chapters are going to end up revealing just how Cake Mix 2 is going to end up. So you'll see very plainly what became of Mr. and Mrs. Cake by the time the story ends.

This kinda makes me feel that those enjoying that story basically get robbed of any excitement or surprise of how Cake Mix 2 is supposed to go.

So I'm kinda feeling I should finish it first. Even though that means we basically have to wait longer for this story to update. Which sucks, but well I don't want to just reveal how things went here, then go back and write how we got there in Cake Mix 2, killing some of the wonder on how it'd turn out. Even though I have a feeling the ending is probably obvious to a lot of my readers.

I dunno, what do you guys think?

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I personally can't wait for more of the "I am my teenage daughter" one. :twilightsmile:

Well hopefully we'll get back to it before too long. Right now I've got a good chunk of the next Cake Mix 2 chapter ready.

Praise be, my prayers are answered!

... I pray to many authors, don't judge.

Go ahead and finish Cake Mix 2 first. I’m fine with waiting however long it takes you. You’re your own person and you shouldn’t have to be pressured into doing anything you don’t want to.

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