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Alluring Sirens · 9:29pm June 16th

Given some of the more popular characters here, today's SMBC feels particularly relevant.

Turns out "abusive yet genuinely helpful life coach Aria Blaze" is high on my list of things I didn't know I wanted.

Comments ( 17 )

...I'm kind of okay with this too.

It sucks knowing that your role in life is to be a victim.

Huh. :D

I would read that.

Odysseus was doing the 100% run. He can't turn down a sidequest on principle.

I now envision Aria, Sonata, and Adagio sitting behind that booth from the peanuts comics, and there’s just a heap of bones behind them while Sunset has to stick wax in Flash’s ears.

... I mean, with the bones and all, a future projection of "Your destiny is my lunch" doesn't seem unlikely.
For either set of sirens, really.

"Well, duh, we're life coaches, gotta make a living somehow now that we don't have powers. That doesn't mean we can't /also/ entice everyone around us to sex." --Sonata

This Halloween I will be costumed as "Sexy Life Coach Siren"


As, uh. I've always found The Dazzlings to be a boring bunch of villains. There's the Bitchy One, the Other Bitchy One, and the Dumb One That Likes Tacos. Sunset Shimmer fills the 'redeemed villain who gets shipped with Twilight' niche so much better.

But life coaches surrounded by corpses? That'd be a novel take!

Which I will not write but somebody could.

Sexy life coaches with a body count?

I am strangely okay with this.

Clearly, you are NOT BEST AT WRITING SIRENS. :trixieshiftright:

WOw I kinda want to see that now

Hah, I read this a day late, so I saw today's comic, which I think is much funnier!

*furiously scribbles notes for a Theros campaign*

In all seriousness, that is way more interesting than the monster girl thing. Never got around to watching the MLP Sirens, but this version sounds more like a potential Faustian deal anyway. Well, you know, a Japanese light novel version of a Faustian deal, at least.

"My Life Coach from Hell Actually Talks Sense."

"I Sold My Soul for Good Advice, Now I Don't Want to Die Anymore."

"Guess I'm a Warlock With a Patron-In-Training."

Surely there's an angle for profit here somewhere...

He wasn't trying to per se, but that is a great example of character-player disconnect. Especially when the player is half of the pantheon fighting over the controller.

Perfection. I wish I could draw so that I could capture this concept in the medium it deserves.

Very true. Especially Sonata.

Also true. The two are by no means mutually exclusive.

Honestly, I agree with you. They're right up there with Chrysalis in terms of popular villains whose hype trains I missed, at least in their usual applications. But I enjoy using them as historical rabble-rousers, genuinely inhuman characters with mindsets to match, and so forth. "The dread council, wise but terrible" is definitely more appealing to me than "quirky musical miniboss squad."

It's why I made sure to include the comic being discussed here. But yeah, that one's a lot funnier in the vein of the mad behavioral psychologist who made sure the kids came out of their containment tanks for Christmas. (Except the control group, of course.)

I mean, I've heard worse light novel concepts. And the EqG sirens in Theros is an especially amusing thought, since they're fish rather than fowl.

Also, Rainbow Rocks is probably the best EqG movie in terms of sheer quality, so I do recommend giving it a look if you get the opportunity.

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