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It's happening. · 4:57am June 16th

A horse isekai

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Um… I don’t know what to think about that.


It kind of feels like they're throwing a bunch of popular stuff at the wall to see what sticks the hardest, while filling up the kitchen sink and dropping a bunch of random junk in it to see what floats best.

...is it weird that I'm kinda into it?

WTF? what was that? it started out interesting but then dropped acid and became TTG. this is why i dont support streaming sites they’ll take anything. just give us glitch techs season 3 not adventure time ripoff!

*Checks to see if it's April Fools* Huh, guess it's going to be a thing. Still not sure what kind of 'thing' it is.

My main question would be whether it's a satire of such shows, or they're playing it straight. And is it a series, or a movie? Personally, I find all of those centaurs incredibly disturbing in design.

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