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Who I will clopfic with Big Mac? · 5:40pm Jun 15th, 2021

It's gonna be Scoots.

I heard some really good suggestions out there. I was sorely tempted to do a Roseluck, or a Cheerilee (my initial pairing idea, actually)... but I'm actually a little terrified of trying to write a good Roseluck for AJA in 1000 words.

Thanks to all who made suggestions!

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Scoots would be a good one. Feels like the others have been done 10 times over already.

Nuts. No Tempest x Mac fic. Shame.

Agreed. Maybe next time?

>not choosing the Granny Smith option

Haven't seen apogee in a while, that would've been another fun suggestion. Scoots is a good choice though :eeyup:

> Not choosing the Granny Smith option

Smart because no one wants to read about that old, busted mare having sex with anything. Let's face it, even if we loved AJ, we were only tolerating her presence at best during the series run.

It was an aged down Granny Smith idea, of course.

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