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Links Adjusted and Quick Question ("Scenes From A Hat") · 5:15pm June 15th

Hey everyone, just letting you know that I fixed an issue where the link to Quills and Sofas Speedwriting Group in the author's notes went to the wrong page. It was a copying error on my part, but it's fixed now.
Also, quick question, but should chapter/story titles have parenthetical tags for characters and/or genres or would it be better to leave the titles bare? As in, after a title, I could put (Rarity; Comedy) or something like that. What do you fine folks think?

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For anthologies, I generally prefer a chapter list with tags at the bottom of the long description.

That's a possibility I hadn't considered. Thank you!

Woo! I'm helping!

Reese #4 · June 16th · · ·

Hm. I'm not sure; I think I, at least, would be okay with either? But there is also, indeed, the idea Latrans suggest, a variant of which (descriptions rather than tags) I'm using myself for "Ostraca".
Sorry I don't have time to think on this more at the moment, but good luck figuring out what to use!

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