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    Ace Combat 3 Pt4

    Sally: Nemo, I don’t understand why we are playing chess again. You’ve lost 27 times and won 0.
    Me: Sally, you and I both know I’ll lose this, but eventually, I’ll win for once.

    Sally: Incoming message: Rena.
    Me: *smiles* aight.

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Ace Combat 3 Pt4 · 9:00pm June 14th

Sally: Nemo, I don’t understand why we are playing chess again. You’ve lost 27 times and won 0.
Me: Sally, you and I both know I’ll lose this, but eventually, I’ll win for once.

Sally: Incoming message: Rena.
Me: *smiles* aight.

Rena: I’ll give our orders. We’re capturing- pursuing a General plane probing for enemies on a suspect course. Because this is a verification mission with a few foes, it’s just me and you this time. *stops* oh, this is like rehabilitation for me, since I haven’t flown for a while. Therefore, I’ll be counting on you.

Me: ... This is odd.
Sally: Odd? Considering how you’ve taken a liking to her, why would you call this odd?
Me: Doesn’t Fiona or Commander Park give the orders?
Sally: Yes, but Rena is a high ranking pilot. It wouldn’t be a stretch to assume she can also give orders.


We fly in the air, as I keep an eye on the plane ahead of us.

Rena:... Nemo, may I ask a question?
Me: Yes.
Rena: Where... where did you learn to fly?
Me: *tries to speak, but nothing sounds out. I try to force myself to talk, but all that comes is static*
Rena: ... Is that a personal question?
Me:... Yes.
Rena: ... I see.
Sally: Approaching area of operation.
Rena: Nemo, keep the enemy in your sights, but don’t fly above the canyon.
Me: Yes.

As we fly, Rena suddenly gasps quietly.

Rena: Wait, this place... I’ve been here before. Long, long ago... with someone.

After flying for a few minutes, we come across a facility. Radio chimes in.

Commander: That’s a secret General Resource facility! You may fight back if you’re attacked. Gain control of the facility!

Quickly, we fight our opponents, taking them out with ease.

Rena:... In that place... is my Dision.
Me: ?
Rena: My enormous, black wings. Night Raven.
Sally: Searching... Night Raven: a classified aircraft.
Me: *hums to self, intrigued*
Sally:... ask Rena knows Dision personally...


Back at base, we play chess, and Sally’s pieces are all almost gone.
Me: Heh, get ready to-
Sally: Checkmate.
Me: Oh god dammit.

Sally: Incoming Message: Rena.

Rena: For helping me on my rehabilitation today, thank you. *looks down, concerned* Back there... something. I felt something there calling out to me... *shakes head* I’m sorry. But perhaps, I might talk it over with you again. And- about my question... sorry if I hit a touchy subject.

Sally: Message ends... Nemo?
Me:... Why couldn’t I speak?
Sally: Pardon?
Me: Why couldn’t I talk?
Sally:... Your CoFFIn’s capacity is very limited. Most pilots like yourself aren’t capable of speaking more than two words with this technology.
Me: So, how do we upgrade it then?
Sally: You can’t. Your mind is attatched to this CoFFIn and this CoFFIn alone.
Me: Oh...
Sally: Unless, of course, you’re fine with being plugged into a phone.
Me: *snickers* Nah, I’ll pass on that... wait, can I message the others yet?
Sally: *sighs* no.
Me: What’s taking so long to fix a damn messaging system?
Sally: Again, the technology you possess is not particularly up to par with ours.
Me: *sigh*... Sally, have you ever felt lonely?
Sally: Lonely?
Me: Yes. Lonely.
Sally:... I don’t... understand.
Me: Well, no, you couldn’t be lonely. You work with a lot of pilots, right?
Sally: well, yes. However, they don’t talk to me as much as you do. In fact, you’re one of a few portion of people who ask me to play chess with them.
Me: Oh... so, you are lonely.
Sally:... Not necessarily. I have you.


Sally: Nemo, I have something to show you.
Me: Uh, okay?

Suddenly, I see pictures and knowledge pours into my brain.

Me: Woah- woah shit-
Sally: These are some files I could access, about Osea.
Me: Really?
Sally: Yes. I don’t know if this will help your predicament, but I hope it... what’s the phrase... reminds you of home?
Me: *smiles* thanks Sally. This means a lot.

Before I can go through them, Sally beeps.

Sally: Incoming Message: Rena.

Rena: Regarding what I’m about to say, whether you agree or object, after you’ve heard it, don’t ask anything and don’t tell anyone. I want you to keep quiet about it.

Me: *scoffs* that won’t be too hard.

Rena: I’m well aware this is a selfish thing for me to ask. But, I just... *looks away* Don’t have anyone else to talk to or that I can count on. Please hear me out. There is, for me, something as precious to me as life itself. The Night Raven. I want to go search for it.

Me: *perks up*

Rena: On our last mission, we discovered by accident a facility, the one you destroyed. That had something to do with it. That’s all I can say about it for now. But still... I would like you to come with me. *laughs slightly* O-of course, this is an unauthorized sortie. I hope you will come despite that fact.

Me:... *sighs* alright, let’s mount up.
Sally: For what?
Me: For our next sortie.
Sally: This is an unauthorized-
Me: I’m well aware. But I don’t care. I understand her pain.
Sally: She did not exhibit any physical-
Me: Not that type of pain. She has a plane in her heart, and I completely understand that feeling. I don’t know how or why I do, but I understand she might need my help. Sally, please, we need to help her.
Sally:... Very well.
Me: Thank you. This means a lot.

Sitting at the runway, I look to see Rena’s plane sitting next to mine. I can feel her urge to get on with the takeoff.
Rena: Thanks Nemo. Let’s go.

We take off, and head into the air. However, we’re immediately contacted.

Commander: This is an emergency! An anonymous threat’s outlined an unfolding incident. Return to base at once!

I can almost feel Rena flinch.

Rena: Sorry... I’m going. You can still go back. It’ll be okay, don’t worry about it. I’ll be alright on my own...

Sally: adjusting-
Me: No.
Sally:... Sorry?
Me: We’re not going back. I need to help her.
Sally: You will be violating direct orders. Are you certain?
Me: *sighs* Sally, I’m certain. They can handle themselves and they have two other pilots who are just as capable. So, let’s go.

I follow Rena closely, never slowing down.

Rena: You’re coming with me? Thank you...

As we fly, suddenly, General Resource fighters appear.

Rena: *growls* Why did they have to show up now?... Get out, get out, GET OUT!!!

Suddenly, a new voice chimes in.

Dision: Hold on! You really are... Rena?!
Rena: Who-... What in the world are you doing here, at a time like this!?
Dision: I’ve come to take back my wings.
Rena: They’re mine.... they’re not yours! So, you’re still trying to... why are you always like this? There’s no way I’ll let you take it. I’ll never let go of the Night Raven!

Sally: Nemo, your activity is increasing.
Me: That’s cause I’m about to go wild on these fucks.

With that, I tear into fighter after fighter, and eventually, crashed planes litter the ground. I have no clue what specifically happened, as instincts took over. We come back to base, and the commander said he’ll ignore the disregard for orders since we still did something important.

Later, Rena sends a message.

Rena: -but the truth is, I don’t even know why that was myself. I just thought that I could make you understand it like I do. *turns to camera* Thank you. All actions have been wiped from your flight recorder. So, please forget about it, I’ll turn my report in like that.

Sally: I have already made a copy of your flight records. It would be highly illegal if they-
Me: I get it Sal, no need to explain.
Sally:... I determined you would fight me on this.
Me: Well, I’m not. But, I would like to ask you to keep them hidden.
Sally:... I’ll see what I can do. I will not blatantly hide them, but I believe I can... relocate them.
Me: Thanks. I know I’m asking a lot.
Sally: Pilot, I must ask... How fond are you with Rena?
Me: Well, I’ve never really “talked” to her, so... I’m probably more fond of her than she is with me.
Sally:... Most curious. You are the strangest pilot I’ve ever worked with.
Me: *snickers* make a list, I’m all for it.
Sally: Oh, I’m a step ahead of you.
Me: *laughs* of course... say, Sally... I have a... a question...

Sally: And I may have an answer.
Me: *shakes head*... am I... am I real?
Sally: What do you mean?
Me: I mean... I’ve noticed a lot of things, and I’m starting to understand a few of my quirks... and from how you talk to me, I’m starting to...
Sally:... I believe I understand... Do you know for certain about your answer?
Me: I don’t. I know you know something that I just haven’t figured out yet... so...?

Sally:... Nemo, are you aware that you are an AI?
Me: W-what?
Sally: You are a specially made and retrofitted CoFFIn unit, one that’s been bought by UPEO. You are, quite frankly, a break through in certain technologies.
Me: I... I don’t...
Sally: Your design is based on early concepts of CoFFIn technologies made by Belkan engineering. However, I was unaware of your... unique processing.
Me: So... I’m a robot.
Sally: Although not entirely incorrect, you are partially correct. You, yourself, are not a part of the initial construct. Your “personality” is actually made after the fact, a little bit before you arrived at UPEO. Although you are part of a machine, you are designed to think and act like a pilot.
Me: ... So, am I essentially a clone of someone in AI form?
Sally: Potentially, yes. However, I don’t know who you are replicating.

Me:... Maybe... Maybe that’s why Osea feels familiar. Maybe I was an Osean pilot.
Sally: that’s very likely. Your CoFFIn was built in Osea, so it’s likely they pulled records.
Me:... Sally, I need a favor.
Sally: No. I’ve done enough favors.
Me: Then... let’s make a deal. If I win a game of chess, then you’ll dig around as much as you can for Osean pilots. Please.
Sally:... Very well, you have ten tries.
Me: right.... let’s start then.

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