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pony-writer/pornographer looking for work. old stories undeleted. i'm sorry. Patreon here

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    April Fusser's Day

    The Fussiest Fic There Ever Was

    If you're not aware, I am addicted to fussers (big floppa cats). As such, it is imperative (some might say mandatory) that you read this immensely momentous fussfic authored by the amazing IncredibEE. I seriously cannot recommend it enough.

    Happy April Fusser's day <3

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    Nothing to sell

    I was going to make a post selling my things but then I realized I have nothing functional left to sell. If you want to buy a broken pair of headphones or an acoustic guitar with a broken string or a piano with half the keys missing let me know.

    Also let me know if you'd like to help me make rent this month.

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    Darfcon 5

    Hello. Today our landlady had a psychotic episode and locked us out along with most of our things. We are on a public starbucks wifi for the next two hours. If you are able to help us with a place to stay the night or other help somehow please message us. That's all for now. Sorry.

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    I need 'em. Stipulations:

    - Pre season 4 canon only
    - Mane six preferred
    - No hyper-exaggerated fetishes (keep within the realm of fictional reality)
    - Max 10k
    - $25USD/1K, max 10k

    Message if you're interested. darf out.

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my b · 6:46pm Jun 14th, 2021

hey all

sorry for reaching out for human contact and then, like... not responding to those offers for contact. truth be told i feel like a bit of a fraud/sham: i asked for people to be kind and contact us, and then got too scared to respond. partly i don't want to dump my problems on these poor innocent people. partly i am just stupid i guess.

we will try to respond to everyone who was nice and reached out over the next few days. right now we are mostly working on our music and trying not to die. we wanted also to say thank you to everyone who is still supporting us through our Patreon, even though we're essentially not doing anything to earn it. it's our hope/dream that we could transform into some kind of music production page in the future, letting people see the projects we're working on as we do them. over the past few months we've put together 5+ songs in various states of 'finished', and we will probably upload them and share with the world at large at some point.

also, while we won't name them here unless they ask us to specifically, we would like to thank someone very close to us who has been around to help us get through these tough times. theoretically all times are tough, but this person is making us feel a little bit like there is a light at the end of the tunnel that is not an on-coming train. thank you very much for this person.

we will still be on the site from time to time. if you feel like supporting us, ko-fi donations are still greatly appreciated, and all current proceeds go to basic necessities like food and our various chemical addictions. in particular we are trying to ween ourselves off energy drinks, but it's easier said than done. they just taste so good...

thank you everyone, and hope to talk to you again soon~

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trying not to die.

This is a good goal.

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