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Who should I clopfic with Big Mac? · 5:40pm Jun 14th, 2021

After the resounding lack of success with The GIRLS and Mission Accomplished I think it's pretty clear that my audience just really don't want longfics.

I have to perform a self-reset to ween myself off of the desire to write thousands upon thousands of words and new scenes.

SO I'm doing the 1000 word story challenge, something I've always wanted to do. The subject will be Big Mac breeding a mare in the Apple Family barn.

I'd like to hear from you... who should that MARE be? I'm actually leaning toward a teenaged Scootaloo...

Tell me in the comments! Your mare may just inspire me!

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Big mac with Somnambula

It's not that I dislike long form stories, it's that the fetishes in Mission Accomplished aren't really my particular cup of tea, plus I'm not really a Lyra/BonBon fan, and I don't like parody/crossover fics as a general rule (I especially dislike crossover fics) and so The GIRLS didn't sound that interesting to me.

As for your question: Big Mac and Autumn Blaze, I think it would be funny to see them play off of each other since they're very different people, and the idea of Mac being terrified of Niriks is funny in my head.

Big Mac and R63 Cheese Sandwich. :trollestia:

I actually prefer longer fics, but don’t read ones that the synopsis doesn’t really hook me on.

I'm leaning towards either Sweetie Belle, Apple Bloom, or Applejack.

Are you sure the story length is the problem? I see you actually have quite a few fics with simmilar word ammount and more likes. Strappin' In and Anon bangs Cloudy Quartz, for example. Maybe it's just that the premises don't look so attractive to your followers in general.

About a mare for Big Mac... How about Rarity? They were together on that Ponytones ensemble, so that could be a good excuse.

I don’t see how those two stories lack success

I mean lots of likes in the ratio and pretty good views says otherwise

Limestone Pie lol
Also, I loved Mission Accomplished for the record, fuck the haters.

Big Mac and the princess's

Princess Luna always can need a strong, big and soft hearted loving ♡

Sugar Belle

Fish gotta swim, birds gotta fly, and Shake's gotta keep it in the gene pool.

Honestly though? Go old school.

Been a long time since we had a good Princess Luna/Big Mac clopfic.

It's a shame about having less long fics. Maybe I'm in the minority of people that prefer them?

As for recommendations... someone mentioned Sweetie. I don't think I've seen that one.

BIg Mac and Mage Meadowbrook

Too sleepy.

Too burny.

Too cheesy.

Too 'cesty... and I just did a SB, otherwise I would have said yes to that.

I feel like the general audience of fimfic (which is shrinking a little post show-end) wants more 'to-the-point' clop. I might be wrong though. Rarity isn't bad... but I've used her a lot already. Hm.

Too bitchy. (Though actually makes me think I want to do something else with her, could be fun).

Too crowny.

Close to a hit... but too shouty.


Too yeehaw.

She's gonna be there watching at the very least (in a wholesome way). I am considering just going full vanilla and having it be just the two of them, monogamy style.

Too howdy.

Again, close. I would have said yes for sure if I hadn't just done her.

Thanks for that! I appreciate it for sure. I feel that way because of the amount of views/likes versus effort put in... especially compared to my older stuff, that's all.

Tempest Shadow! There are a total of Zero Mac x tempest fics on this site.

Big Mac x Tantabus.

What exactly do you count as a success? What is a successful story to you? That is the most important thing to determine.

I think this may have more hit the nail on the head. I personally saw both stories and they both went right into read later.

Big Mac and Trixie. Teen Scoots could be fun though.

Personally, I just don't like the Fetishes in those stories. But, hey: you're the guy writing.

As for potential mares, here's a small list I can think of:

1. Sugar Belle (Good ole fashioned vanilla, marital sex)
2. Zecora (An uncommon one, but I like it)
3. Cheerilee (Bring back the classic)
4. Rainbow Dash (Again, one I personally like)

Or you could do an R63 of someone else. Caramel, Soarin, Trenderhoof, etc. Up to you.

... his wife.

A Mac/scoots story sounds good, I won't say no to an Applejack, zecora or RD pairing with him... or a story with applebloom joining with scoots.

His R63 self.

But I liked The GIRLS...
Scoots sounds like a lot of fun though, especially if Sugar Bell is using Big Mac to show her the ropes.

Aged up Scootaloo.

Marble Pie, some one has to help that poor mare get the big D she wanted.

Wholesome is always good.

Close but Sunbutt and Moonbutt are out so... Twilight or Cadance?

Hm... Or female Discord... Eris sure could have some mortal fun time :eeyup:

Rose (Roseluck). They've been eyeing each other for ages from their respective marketplace stands. :eeyup:


Soo... There is a big order of apples up in canterlot, but Applejack is out playing hero, Applebloom is too young and Granny Smith is to old.
So it falls in Big Mac hooves to go to canterlot and deliver the order and meets and married mare and gives her the D- i mean the apples. :eeyup:

Maybe she's a such a bitch because she's so overlooked compared to her sisters :fluttercry:

I thought Treehugger would be an interesting partner.
Then again Big Mac needs a big mare and Cupcake would be cool, especially with Cupcake’s connection to Sugarbell.

Uh... Rarity.

Thicc strong stallion wrecking sophisticated upper-class mare would be pretty sweet.


She's gonna be there watching at the very least (in a wholesome way).

Would like to see that.

Babs Seed!

That will be a fun one for me to edit. I just hope he's okay with a lot of suggestions since I have my own headcanon of her.

5535366 Heh, I'm well-acquainted with your Rose headcanon. :twilightsmile:

5535172 I like the idea of Mac+Rose, but Mac+Tempest has an energetic appeal...

If definitely be interested in reading a BigMac x Scootaloo fic. BigMac x Sweetie Belle or BigMac x Rainbow Dash are also pairings I like.

I won’t say no to teenaged Scootaloo! But if I had to recommend one, I’d say Cherry Jubilee. Being a southern boah, I have a weak spot for mature southern belles, and imo Cherry’s underrated. Girl could definitely benefit from visiting other fruit vendors to...inspect the competition~.

maybe my ship sunk like a stone, but i will fight for Fluttermac until the bitter end :D

Must not be your thing because you haven't favorited any of my stories. Sorry about that.

You favorited like half of the Gentlemanverse and Xenophilia but not one of mine. Oof!

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