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  • Thursday
    Mildly Infuriating

    Nothing infuriates me more than when my mom tries to use clever wordplay and it doesn’t even make sense but she acts hard anyways lol.

    “You saw a meme? Okay. Meme your ass outta here then.”

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  • Thursday
    An Intruder (Art)

    He actually looks soft as fuck wtf—

    Someone probably saw him and punched him in the nose. Can’t say whether or not he’s actually malicious.

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  • Thursday
    An intruder

    So I’ve been watching a lot of analog horror this year, and one thing I’ve grown attached to is a popular series called the “Mandela Catalogue”. Basically where aliens take the form of humans as “doppelgängers” and use psychological warfare to get people vulnerable. Basically like Birdbox.

    Two creatures from this series that I’m pretty interested in redrawing are:

    The intruder

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  • Wednesday
    And so it begins


    Better get destroying

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  • Wednesday
    Special announcement

    Having a girlfriend is awesome!!!!!

    Thank you for your time

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Yin and Yang · 3:24pm June 14th

”Passion, that is completely ridiculous!”

”It’s life! The kid has to learn to stand up for himself!”

Paul peeked into the room to see his fathers fighting, even in the midst of mutating on the spot. Umbra, with tentacles already protruding from his sides, retracted them in an instant upon seeing Paul.

”Son, hey. What is going on?”

”Nothing, I just...heard you guys fighting, and....I wanted to help.”

”Don’t worry about it. It’s just your father being a pussy.

”Passion! Our son is right there!”

Paul blinked. Passion snarled.

”I don’t give a shit. Griff literally has an army of—of him trying to kidnap him and you’re not letting me tell him what’s going on in his life.”


”Hey, hold on...this is about...about Griff? he found himself with a furled brow. Umbra glanced between he and his boyfriend, sighing.

Passion Fruit gave Umbra an accusing jab to the chest, hissing in a whisper, ”This is not the Umbra I fell in love with. He was smart, he was cunning, but he was never a bitch. Literally.”

With a huff, he left the room. Paul glanced between his angry father, and then to the more pensive one.

”Wait, what’s happening to Griff?”

”Nothing, Paul,” Umbra remarked with a dismissive wave. ”Why don’t you eat lunch with me and your siblings? Today’s a cheat day, I’ll buy you McDonald’s. Go and get ready.”

”...alright, dad.”

Paul glanced through the crack in the doorway to peek at Griff, who was blissfully ignorant and playing chess with Dragon Fruit.

His eyes narrowed.

”What’s so special about him?”

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Comments ( 36 )

oh damn...

Yerp. Drama is one of the best genres.

True, everyone loves drama

Oh boy...um...Passion, c'mere


*Takes his hoof and uses magic to grab Umbra by the ear, dragging them both into their bedroom* You're both staying ni here until you've aired your grievances, got it?



Umbra, don't talk to me, talk to Passion

”Passion, Griff shouldn’t have to fight his own battles...”

”He won’t get a chance to if he doesn’t know about his own battles. For fuck’s sake, why do we have to hide his life from him? It’s his destiny!”

Passion, maybe we can agree to a compromise...?



”Ow! Hey! Stoppp!!”

”Y’think you’re so special?!”

”No! No, I don’t, just stop!!”

Paul, Griff, stop it! *closes the door* you two, don't come out until you find a comprimise!

*has Griff lifted up against the wall* “What is it?”

*Picks up Paul by the back of his neck and drags him away* Stop it

*hits the floor, panting*

*Hugs* Paul, why did you do that?

”He’s—he’s stealing my dads from me! They’re over here worried about this faggot instead of me!”

*sniffles and begins crying*

Shh, it's okay *hugs Griff* Paul, he's not stealing anything from you. Didn't Umbra offer to take you and your siblings out to eat lunch?

”That doesn’t—it’s not—“

Ugh!” *stomps off*

*keeps stomping*

*Drags him over with magic*

*stays silent, crossing his arms*

*Heaves them both up and carries them out the door* let's go

”W-Where’re we going?”


*Carries them off*

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