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Couple free games, Surviving Mars, Titan Souls. · 8:33am June 13th

Cross posted from Discord:

Surviving Mars is currently free on Humble. https://www.humblebundle.com/store/surviving-mars-deluxe-edition-free-game

Humble Bundle

Get Surviving Mars - Deluxe Edition for free

For a limited time, get Surviving Mars - Deluxe Edition for free and keep it forever, courtesy of Humble Bundle! While supplies last.

Idag 10:15https://store.steampowered.com/app/297130/Titan_Souls/ Titan Souls is currently free on steam to hype up the studio's next game.

Titan Souls

Between our world and the world beyond lie the Titan Souls, the spiritual source and sum of all living things. Now scattered amongst the ruins and guarded by the idle titans charged with their care, a solitary hero armed with but a single arrow is once again assembling shards of the Titan Soul in a quest for truth and power.Colossal Titans: Expl...

Said game looks really promising, by-the-by. 'Death's door.' You play as a crow grim reaper searching for a stolen soul.

Surviving Mars has 24 hours left on it, so be quick if it seems like your thing. Kinda like it myself, it really nailed the 'domes on Mars' vibe, but it's one of those a little frustrating Paradox titles that only really come alive with a whole truck-load of DLC, so... fair warning on that.

No idea on Titan Souls, so... probably best be quick on that one, too, honestly.

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Thanks for the heads up.

Miro #2 · June 13th · · ·


Does anyone know if the Email you use for Humble-Bundle will be flooded with spam?


You're welcome both of you. :twilightsmile:

Does anyone know if the Email you use for Humble-Bundle will be flooded with spam?

Wouldn't call it spam, but you do get some semi-frequent email. Once a week, one to two-ish? I'd personally call it worth it given how semi-often Humble gives out games like this.

Your call, though.

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