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You know you've made it when... · 4:40pm Jun 12th, 2021

One of your stories is in a prestigious bookshelf. I'm proud to announce that The GIRLS has officially made it onto the Worst stories on fimfic bookshelf!

I love my haters, so much.

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Screw those haters, That story looks freakin awesome!

lol wow that's funny.

It's some kind of cringe when you make a bookshelf just for the sake of trying to shit on someone by proxy, and that's coming from someone who earns part of her living helping her horses shit by hand.

Hey, I'm only on there vicariously through my contributions to 'Clopshots Season 7.' Need to step my game up.

I love my haters, so much.

Haters: *confused screaming*

Got one added to that a while back too, the coward deleted all the comments on my fic when he was downvoted to oblivion, then proceeded to mass dislike my fics that weren't even related to the one in question.

Wait, how did it get there?

Damn, and here I thought making it onto Equestria Daily was when my career as a writer had finally reached a milestone. Clearly I have more work to do.

Time to get my Zelda badfics up and running again.

MythrilMoth used to have some spectacularly salty venting post about people doing that shit with his stories, though his shelves were more in the "dead/abandoned fic" region and the people doing it were trying to be little smartasses about getting his attention with it.

You can actually track his path through Fimfiction via that bookshelf. He seems to latch onto one author, hate everything they wrote, then look at the suggested stories under the Also Liked tab and start anew. Two whole pages of that shelf are all stories by Super Trampoline, I really doubt that he read every single one ya know? :ajsmug:

Congrats on your elevated horsefame!
Ahhh, there's a tasteless joke there that I'm going to avoid.

I love how that guy has a profile that says:

Don't mess with me, or I'll get mad ^^

Clearly his idea of getting mad is just going around and downvoting/downfoldering all your stories, which honestly just makes him a comedy act. He is not a clown or even a circus; he is an international secret cartel of Clown Alliances, and it is glorious to behold.

I'm not really a hater. Just was trolling a bit. Glad to see you writing.

I remember that guy. He was not a good person. Of course, he didn't deserve to meet his end so early. Rip

Me too! (He also deletes any comments placed on his landing page. Class act!)

We often hate what we don't understand. The naysayers probably have never seen the show.


He found me the other day, too. Good times. xP

It's against site rules.

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