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Heyyy. It's Duncy. Or just Dunc, or even Dunk. Just another user here. Ghostin' this site a bit as usual.

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  • 5 weeks
    The Owl House because that shit is good arright

    Discord because idk it's kinda relevant here: Rae#4343 Shoot me a DM whenever if you want idc

    Arright so I just got done watching The Owl House. S2 E10 Yesterday's Lie

    And Imma just talk about what I've talked about on Discord. Because that's the only thing I really use right now. Yeah. (I know nobody is gonna see this but whatever.)

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  • 12 weeks
    A song, a war, a love, a joke.

    I can already feel the fire at my feet. I can feel myself in hell, burning in agony. My tears steaming off my face into the smog around me. My screams only become flat and silent.

    I'm already dying at this point. There isn't a rope to grab onto anymore. The small hole to hope is closing me in. Just out of reach of my few fingers surviving this scalding treatment of love.

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  • 14 weeks
    This... Is... Amazing....

    Well, I better freeze frame and study lmao

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  • 15 weeks
    Soooo.... Some Parody.

    I was thinking I could remake pieces of songs of mlp to make one big weird songs. Or something.

    Verse 1:

    I used to think my life was just that
    Set in stone, concrete prophecy
    It didn't dawn on me
    That I had already been far too deep

    Now I know I'm stuck
    Fight my way out of this pit hole I am in
    I've turned into tragedy
    From an epic fantasy

    Chorus I guess:

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  • 16 weeks
    A Cold.... Face. The Face of a 'Monster.'

    Click, clack! Click click click!

    That was the only sound in the almost idle room. The typing wasn't obnoxious to Sunlight, the clicking noise she was already used to. Far too used to the soft rapping at the keys. Today was just another day for her. A quiet, and rather lonesome day. Boarded up in study, and she liked it that way.

    Because whoever came in, never came out.

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This... Is... Amazing.... · 5:37am June 10th

Well, I better freeze frame and study lmao

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Though I actually know a few words of the actually song

Like, "ritmo"

this will be helpful, I dont understand any of the fucking lyrics

It's sexual.... I wish I didn't.

Like, translate it or anything.

You can learn other languages like this as well:

Congratulations, now you know English.

A bit of background info for better understanding:

Benny Lava ran a company called Minor Bun Engine, which is so successful that people often say 'Minor Bun Engine made Benny Lava'. These people came to tell Benny Lava that the Loony Buns they bought from him are fine. However, Benny Lava's company failed to pass a health inspection because there was a goat in there and Oliver pooped on the buns. Since Benny Lava's bun company was closed, he's been trying to make money by selling DNA and working on a jetpack operation.
Benny Lava did demand Oliver to poop on the buns, so that brings up the question, "Did he want to fail the inspection on purpose?"
It was a marketing stunt; he originally planned to make them taste awful by asking Oliver to poop on the buns but eventually Benny Lava put papaya in them, thus making them much tastier and therefore increasing demand, but he had lost his license to sell them, so he just eats them while selling DNA and working on his jetpack operation. He plans to return to Seattle and fight the Barber Man so that he can learn from the ninjas who make movements, and in turn, become a Hollywood martial arts star.

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