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  • 137 weeks


    i updated that

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  • 383 weeks
    Grab your torches and pitchforks

    Alright guys I got some sad news
    I tried to upload the latest chapter of A2 last night.
    And all the sudden my computer took a massive apocalyptic shit on me and crashed and burned.
    So as of right now that's all of chapter 17 and some of 18, some 20,000+ words all down the pipes.
    As in, gone.

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  • 434 weeks
    Terminal let down

    Sorry I disappeared. I got sent away again.
    Currently stuck in the middle of the Mojave fighting off vipers and coyotes and duct taping Privates to things.
    Hate to say it but expect no significant update for at a minimum of a month. Possibly not until late August.
    The chapter is mostly done. But I'm not home to actually finish up and post it.
    Sorry guys.

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  • 451 weeks

    Coming home Sunday after this little adventure with Uncle Sam's misguided children. Fun times were had by all.
    Expect a new chapter in the next week or so.

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  • 490 weeks
    Ya'll gon be mad

    Hey, guys.
    Got some bad news.
    Got a phone call this morning saying I had 24 hours to get on a plane and report to a base halfway across the country.
    So I'll be gone for a little bit. I'll have some contact with the outside world but unfortunately I wont be able to write very often.
    So I'll come home, hopefully in June sometime and get that next chapter cranked out.

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Spoilers · 8:36pm Dec 3rd, 2012

Real quick guys, I posted an updated version of that teaser chapter from a few months ago.
For anyone that's interested.
Be advised - It does contain spoilers


I'll have part IX published either today or tomorrow. Depending on whether or not I decide to chop it into two separate chapters.

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Comments ( 10 )

Great news :pinkiehappy:

Looks like you've taken some lessons from River Song.


Must.... wait.... for the official published version....

Please, let it be today :).

Holy crud! A new chapter already? I'd settled to wait till like valentines day for the next installment XD

Freakin' awesome, cannot wait for it!

well it's good to see you're writing instead of studying, that's always a way to get on the good side of bronies

well at least we dont have to wait for months for this one, and good to see you actually are gonna post it

(sorry if I sound too brony)

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