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Fimfiction Advanced 4.6 - The Blast from the Past Update! · 6:18pm June 5th

I told y'all I'd be making an update. I told you.

After many weeks and months spent meticulously digging through the deepest reaches of the internet...

Dipping into the darkest depths of the internet archive, probing the inner recesses of archive.is...

New friends were made. Old friends were reunited, and then subsequently fell out of touch, then reunited again with each other once again...

I have delved beyond the veil. I have known the face of god, and I have found his online portfolio.

Now, I return to you, bringing a gift...

This update brings back several old pieces of Fimfiction's history from beyond the grave. I present to you:

9 New Old Banners

Fields (my personal favourite)




Reu Fluttershy





21 Nostalgic Backgrounds & Patterns

You want backgrounds? We got backgrounds. You want patterns? We got patterns out the wazoo!

Notable (nostalia-ridden) background choices include:

  1. Day Town
  2. Night Town
  3. Old Apple House
  4. Memories
  5. Trees
  6. Trees 2
  7. Clouds
  8. Christmas

Also featuring several new, never-before-seen, and updated backgrounds, such as:

  1. An all new Rainbow Dash image
  2. Revised Pinkie and Twilight patterns
  3. Big City
  4. School House

For maximum nostalgia factor, I recommend the cloud pattern with day town, and a background colour of #d9e5f0. (results pictured above)

(disclaimer: some patterns might not work. Recovering them is an ongoing procress. If you think you have any of Fimfiction's old background patterns or know where to find them, comment, or send me a DM on here or Discord. I'll be sure to have them added post-haste.)

And that's everyth-

What's that? You need more?

Well okay, I've got more! I've got a LOT MORE!

5 New NEW Banners

Default Set

Yakovlev Zecora

Extended Set

Moe Balloon

Moe Twilight

Symbian Izzy-Sunny

Symbian Sci-Twi

A Feature Box Improvement

Only one improvement... If you click into the feature box you can navigate between stories by holding control and using the up/down arrow keys. It's fun! Try it!


Bug Fixes

So many bug fixes! Too many to count!

  1. Banners now support multiple sources! They appear as hashtags on the banner selector.
  2. Massively improved page rewrite performance! Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.....! No more flashes of the original site when visting heavily modified pages. Backgrounds are also applied immediately.

Full Changelog for the techies

  • The banner selector will now remember which tab you're on when refreshing the page
  • Massive rewrites and restructuring to make my life easier
  • Added support for multiple banner source links
  • Fixed various dead links in banner source
  • Fixed a broken link in the site footer
  • Fixed formatting of the footer link to the banner selector
  • Fixed banners not animating the change when switching either through the selector or the preview function for custom banners
  • Moved several utility functions out of the main body of the script
  • Added support for NSFW banners that only show with "Show Mature" turned on (shhhhh)
  • Fixed story cover art displaying incorrectly in banners when on chrome
  • Fixed custom background dialogue not accepting an opacity with fractions between 0 and 1
  • Sponsor badges will now show the full name (the single-letter approach was... ambiguous)
  • Fixed the snow generator duplicating/not properly updating when changing the settings
  • Fixed the "default" background colour not updating the UI properly
  • Fixed setting a colour manually through the text input not saving/applying at all
  • Added a button to revert the background colour to the default
  • Added keyboard navigation when switching between stories in the featured box
  • Adjusted the glass pattern to be less stark
  • Removed cringy old background images
  • Reduced the size of the wool pattern image
  • Added "Dots" background pattern
  • Added "Flowers 2" background pattern (and fixed tiling)
  • Removed some dated banners form the "Extended" set (sorry, they just weren't up to my current standards. I'm replacing them with new ones though!)

Also I'm aware knighty is working on an update to Fimfiction itself. It will most likely cause some parts of Fimfiction Advanced to break, though I have no way to tell which parts exactly until the update actually drops. This is part of why I'm releasing 4.6 now, and not later. Even though I don't have all the patterns yet, I still wanted to get this out so people have the time to use it before knighty breaks everything.

As always, download links below! Keep pony, my friends! :twilightsmile:

Script download pages:

Comments ( 6 )

Nice! I especially approve the Loch Ness pillow twilight

tbh I don't know why I haven't added it sooner. It's one of my desktop wallpapers.

huh. I think somehow, my old background pattern, "Whispy" got deleted with this update?

It did. I've removed some old backgrounds that didn't really... look good.

You can replace it with the clouds pattern, which is basically the same. Whispy was created to try and approximate the clouds pattern initially.

Thanks as ever for all of your hard work for us on this site! :heart:

You're very welcome :heart:

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