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How To Be Objectively Hilarious: The Looneycon Comedy Panel · 11:17pm June 4th

Oh man I forgot all about this until the literal last second
I’m on a panel about how to be funny and crack wise with the esteemed Robcakeran, the honorable Fanofmosteverything, the beloved RockstarRaccoon and Super Trampoline who I think is wanted in the former Yugoslavia for war crimes
Also there are other people there who I’m not actually sure if they’re on the panel or not bc I am a fucking train wreck

Here’s the link to the discord

And RockstarRaccoon’s blog where she details this much more eloquently than I

Hop on in to the panel room one and click the live button to watch directly from the discord, or:
A YouTube mirror will be up in a sec

Have fun! Don’t do anything i wouldn’t do

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Ice Star #1 · June 5th · · 2 ·

I wish I was wanted for war crimes somewhere too.

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