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    Next Chapter of Survival of the Wolves is up.

    Title pretty much says it all.

    See what happens next for Shiva and Star Wing as they deal with the ponies and the monsters fear makes them into.

    Thanks as always for reading, and I look forward to hearing what you think.

    Have a great day. :twilightsmile: 👌

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    I got a short story published! :D

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    Thanks to the wonderful people at the Write Practice Pro, I have published my first short story and forary into the 'Of Scales and Fur' universe.

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    Made a Launch Team

    Hello again,

    So, in ten days, I intend to release my first non-fanfiction version of my stories. 'Winters' Run' will be released on August 30th, and cover characters such as Luke, Rocket and Myst as they prepare to take on Shiva, who will be appearing in 'Of Scales and Fur - Shiva,' set to be released on October 30th.

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Scaly Avatar · 5:15pm June 4th

Hello again everyone, and welcome back to another update on my stories.

This time, I wanted to ask for advice regarding characters:

In my previous post, 'The 'Scales' in 'Of Scales and Fur,' I mentioned how instead of dealing with ponies as she did in 'Howlite Howler,' Shiva's new antagonist in 'Of Scales and Fur' was going to be Rocket, a ignis-drake (aka dragon super soldier) made to protect humanity. While Rocket is certainly a powerful foe on her own... she's not the only dragon I came up with.

See, I'm a huge fan of 'Avatar: the Last Airbender,' and I was inspired by the bending arts in that show. So, shortly after I started crafting my characters, I got the idea 'Avatar... with more dragons.' Thus, not only did I have ignis-drake characters like Rocket conceived, but I also had plans in mind for aqua-drakes (water dragons), terra-drakes (earth dragons) and ventus-drakes (wind dragons).

Some of my friends have recommended I hang onto the concepts of these four dragon-creatures and make a story based around them. And, in fact, I've already got something in mind regarding a story about a team consisting of a dragon from each of these breeds led by a fifth 'Avatar' styled dragon. However, my 'Avatar' dragon is technically a hybrid of dragon and wolf, which ties her back into Shiva's story, and makes me worried about how I can imply the existence of the other dragons without over-expanding Shiva's story past her main conflict, which is with Rocket.

Easiest way would be for Shiva to only deal with Rocket, and right as she escapes the dragon, she finds out there's three other breeds of dragons, prompting what's apparently known as a 'Here We Go Again' moment. Another idea I had was for my secondary antagonist Luco (see 'copyrighting chaos' for more info on him) to use his chaos magic to warp several of the ignis-drakes and even a few humans and wolves into the other three breeds during the climax of a sequel I've been planning.

What do you guys think? Would it be funnier and more interesting if Shiva escaped Rocket, only to find out she wasn't the only dragon out there? Or would it prove to be a more interesting climax in a sequel to have Luco mutate the dragons and even a few wolves and humans into entirely new dragons?

I'd love to hear what you think. Thank you as always for your support, and I look forward to hearing from you. :twilightsmile:

Comments ( 3 )

I think it would be best if there were more dragons out there. Shiva would still be slightly new to the world only accessing a tip of the iceberg, she doesn't know what's beyond her world.

JNKing #2 · June 4th · · ·

Thank you kindly. :pinkiehappy:

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