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Coming Soon! · 6:59pm Jun 2nd, 2021

Oh shit, how do I work these things again? I think I just type in them and people read that, hopefully.

So it's self-evident I've not published anything in a long time... Or even read much of anything in a while either. Well, both of these things are going to change rapidly! I'll go over this in a few announcements, in a bit, but I want to thank all of those reading this, or who have clicked open the blog to read more. I know my absence does not make my name stick, and indeed, each day that passes without me doing much of anything can only make my name stick less.

That said! Exciting announcement #1: I have several stories already complete, edited, and revised! As of today, that number's three! Two of them are trademarked Ruby Emotional Horror Dramas, and one of them is another NSFW story that I guarantee will be as tender and sapphic and soft as I can manage! The next story up on the block is a body horror story that I think you'll all be very excited to read! The one after that is going to be a story that will require me to sharpen my already sharp abilities to an unbelievable degree. It will be my masterpiece besides WAtS, that I can promise to you. I have incredibly high hopes for it, and I'm going to throw everything I have into it. Once that's done, I will post these stories out in small increments of a week, and the last story one chapter a day until it's all out!

"Oh, but Ruby," you say vibrating in your seat, "what is this story about?"

The only answer I can give you is to wait and see, but you won't be disappointed!

The second, and probably less cool announcement is the cancellation of my blogs where I summarize the theory books I've read. Instead, what I'll do is offer my notes to any interested party. All you have to do if you want them is to DM me and ask for a specific book, and I'll copy and paste my notes on them! As for the books I've read up until this point, I'll put them on a list in the next paragraph. If you aren't interested, no worries! I just know that some people really enjoyed my notes and I really enjoyed writing them, but I realized it's unnecessary pressure, and the summarization I posts don't come close to capturing my notes for one, and the book's point for another. So I figured this is a way to keep those interested sated, and myself a little less pressured.

So the books: The Leviathan (Hobbes), The Prince (Machiavelli), From Aristocracy, to Monarchy, to Democracy (Hans-Hermann Hoppe), The Dictator’s Handbook (Alastair Smith and Bruce Bueno de Mesquita), On War (Clausewitz), The Art of War (Sun Tzu), A History of Strategy: From Sun Tzu to William S. Lind (Creveld), Kill Everything that Moves (Nick Turse), In Deadly Combat (Gottlob Herbert Bidermann), On Liberty (Mills), Democracy in America (Tocqueville), Federalist Papers 1-85 (Hamilton, Jay, Madison), Meditations (Marcus Aurelius), Existentialism is a Humanism (Sartre), Beyond Good and Evil (Nietzsche), Utopia (Saint Thomas More), The Social Contract (Rosseau), The Philosophy of History (Hegel), Either/Or (Kierkegaard), Utilitarianism (Mill), Fear and Trembling (Kierkegaard), The Wealth of Nations (Smith), Consolation of Philosophy (Boethius).

These books have done more than shaped the new worldview that I operate under, but, have given me such a profound understanding of political, military, and philosophical matters that even now I'd feel confident in writing WAtS, but, it is to be my life's work, not something rushed. Even if I fire a half-cocked, half-loaded shot and it hits the mark, it was still a rushed shot that could've missed 99 times for the one I hit. That is to say, it has the possibility of being good enough, but I am not, or ever was, after good enough. That said, I have curbed the number of books I am going to read. The original list was 200 books, and upon reading 23 of them, I can make the safe conclusion that most of the ones remaining are unnecessary. So really, the process for writing this massive epic is closer than you might think. More specifically, I want to round the list off at 100 books exactly. After that, I can begin my review of my notes, consolidate what I know, and begin laying my plans!

This leads to something else I wanted to say though. Work on myself is being placed at the greatest importance, and I've been in therapy for the better part of a year now, trauma therapy, counseling, and occupational therapy. I can say with swelling pride that I've become a drastically better person than I was before, and I only get better by the day and by the week! Truly it is the essence of stoic philosophy to want the best for yourself and make measured progress towards the horizon.

I've set my sights on the horizon and expect nothing beyond them, for the horizon is my goal, and I may never reach my goal of becoming my best self because I don't end until I die, so every step, every measurable unit of progress towards the horizon may not get me to any destination, but each will be progress on myself. I'm not looking for an island, because that would mean that once I reach a destination that's it. That I'll eventually become good enough, and I can't have that. This isn't to say I hate myself, no, just the opposite, I've come to be compassionate and loving to myself, but I know I can always be better, and so, I strive to become better. And if I stop moving, that's fine because I've come so far. Even if I get knocked down or blown back, I'm still further than when I started, and I can always regain lost ground and continue. The distance of my goal, and the pace at which I progress towards it, are up to me to decide!

But to circle back, I know I got carried away there, I've come a long way with myself, and I'll continue growing, but my point was that my wellbeing comes before my work. If I feel I can't work, then I don't and take the pressure off until I can. If my focus is on writing right now, then I write. If my focus is reading, then the same follows. Some days aren't dedicated for either, and some days I go to my job. But every one of these are forward!

So tl;dr
I've got a porno fic and two really solid allegorical fics completed, and a horror and a masterpiece on the way. Contact me for theory notes if you were absent in class, and I'm not going to force myself to read or write if I'm not feeling well, and I've come a long way with personal growth. Also I'm super sexy now, cause HRT's made me a hot girl with fuckin tiddies.

Take care you all, you're loved and you're progressing in your own ways!

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Ruby Emotional Horror Dramas


Also, congrats on getting your femme&ms.

Thank you!! And yeah!! It's been 6 months now on HRT and I just look so good! As for my works, I know you'll enjoy them!! In fact, if you'd like, I could DM them to you now on discord!

That would be pog!

Glad to have you back, Ruby, and I'm glad to hear you're feeling better. I look forward to reading your stories. :pinkiesmile:

I also thought I'd let you know that I selected your "Incinerate" to be one of my Youtube channel's (Rainbow Infinity) subscriber goals for a reading. I'm still organizing the numbers, but I thought I'd let you know. :twilightsmile:

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