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Not sure we’re your target demographic, imvexxy... · 3:36pm June 2nd

While I applaud the sex positivity for older cis women, I suspect the number of them on fimfiction is... not too high.

What are some of the weirdest or funniest ads you’ve gotten on this site?

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I found this one to be pretty odd, I know its for a movie, but also a razor?


That’s... an interesting marketing tie in I guess??? :rainbowhuh:

I was plagued with an improbably proportioned Spider Gwen doing the splits for a few months. I don't even know what the ad was for...

Oh god I've seen that one plenty of times. I think it's using sex appeal to sell a game that has almost nothing to do with the picture

The ad doesn't say it had to be your menopause. Maybe the algorithm thinks you're cougar bait?

I don't know if it works like this for Google Analytics, but Facebook actively tracks your phone and shows you things related to people you regularly spend time around. The whole thing is not just a little invasive and creepy and just kind of reinforces my decision to never get into Facebook to begin with.

Considering how vocal he is about being gay? Unless it made a fatal misinterpretation of "motherfucker" those aren't very good odds.

Lol. I'm actually somewhere between pansexual and heteroflexible, it's just fun to be gay.

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