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Unapologetically Trans. She/Her. I like to write things, and get weird at times.

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Pride month! Also an update on my situation and upcoming stories! · 11:28pm June 1st

So first things first!


Be gay, be incredibly queer! You're valid, and should be able to show it!

In case you've been wondering how I've been. I took most of May as a bit of a mental health break. I was stressed the fuck out from finishing up my finals and I needed time to decompress. Lately I've got an appointment to get started on the road to HRT so I'm hella happy about that!

Right now I'm working on some stories, around three commissions and I'd like to thank everyone for being patient as I was going through the winter/spring of this year. I plan on writing up to 14 chapters for Mane Allgood this Summer, publishing a pride fic or two, and of course finishing my commissions! I look forward to hearing your thoughts on my work!

Comments ( 8 )

Wish you well on the start of your long journey. Others may not approve but you are fully in your right to be you and be happy being you. Also, good luck with the writing goal.

I may not be gay but I’m happily non binary :twilightsmile:

Congratulations on the start of your journey, and a very happy Pride to you!

Yay for starting HRT! That stuff is magic, lemme tell ya

Happy Pride! 🏳️‍🌈

Reese #7 · June 2nd · · 2 ·

Ah, good luck with the HRT and writing both!

And happy Pride Month!

(Also, in that last picture, does anyone know what the flag around Fluttershy's leg is, and what it's base(?) version in the E on the banner is? I was able to find the meanings of all of the others I didn't already know except the one around Applejack's neck, but that seems to be a safe enough guess as "panromantic asexual", I think, from what I can make out and do know of it.)

Pride Month around again already?

I haven't been on a date so long I'm loosing touch.

I'll have to put on my pin.

Happy Pride everyone.

“Come into my parlor, Ted. I have cookies!” -Reykan

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