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Please Support Me · 8:32pm May 31st, 2021

Shit's been rough these last few.

I was in a fight with my father that nearly turned violent and, because of that, I had to leave with only what I was wearing.

I'm staying with people for a few days but need help buying a place to rent. A little bit helps a lot. I don't have much to say beyond that.

Only that life has been better.

Here's my Ko-Fi


Thank you.

Be well to do well.
~ Yr. Pal, B

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Comments ( 10 )

Well when I can I will sorry about your situation and sorry I can't support with money, but thought to at least let you know you have people here that care about you.

Got your back, gave what I could

iakovl #4 · Jun 1st, 2021 · · 2 ·

hope it helps

Got you a coffee hope it helps

Boosted and sent a little something. Please take care of yourself.

Huk #7 · Jun 1st, 2021 · · 2 ·

This is messed up :applejackunsure:

Chipped in and boosted, I hope this helps. Take care and good luck.

B_25 #8 · Jun 1st, 2021 · · 2 ·

Thanks for the help, everyone.

Sorry for the lack of an update

I'll give the many deserved thanks once the world has settled for a moment.

Sorry to hear that you've got to deal with this. Hope you're able to get back on your feet. Donated some cash to hopefully help a bit.

Reese #10 · Jun 2nd, 2021 · · 2 ·

Signal boosted, and good luck; I hope that this works out at least alright for you and soon.

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