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  • Sunday
    When they change form

    I'm supposed to be doing something, so of course I'm doing this.

    When/where are the instances where members of the mane six change into something else?

    I won't be coy, this is for a series of 'variant' cards I'm doing for my card game project. Right now, I have:

    • EQG for Twilight
    • Seapony for Pinkie, since she was a focus of that part of the movie

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  • Saturday
    State of the Writer, July 2021


    I actually wrote a story!

    It's been done for a couple days now, I've just been waffling on whether or not to look for feedback before posting it. Also pondering whether I want to commission a cover art. Also being distracted by SCP stuff. <.<

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  • Friday
    Fic recs, July 30th: SJF95fighter/MrLeftTurn edition!

    Our next reader is SJF95fighter, who hasn't uploaded a fic reading in three years or a video at all in 6 months, so I don't hold out hope for more. :B He's only got five other readings past the one I reviewed previously, including Final Draft's A Generic Story, so I am

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  • 1 week
    Fic recs, July 26th!

    Looks like ScarlettBlade is calling it quits. :( He's been around forever, though, I guess can't complain if he feels it's time to move on.

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  • 1 week
    "Might makes right"

    I've been meaning to post this for a while, now, no idea why today is the day. :B

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State of the Writer, May 2021! · 6:46pm May 31st

Had to get the fics reviewed so I could write this. :B

Holy fuck, where did this month go? D:

Well, at least I can say I accomplished something, and The Captain's Question seems to have drawn a pleasantly positive reaction. :) I don't know if I'll do the next story next, but it's certainly high on my list. I mean, basically I'm still working on the same four things I was last month, so it's just a matter of what I can poop out whilst on the road come Friday, because that's apparently my only writing time anymore. :/ Not happy about it, but what can I do, really?

I got nothing else. :B What are you all up to? Want to ask me stuff?

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Waiting with bated breath on the contest results. Hope you liked it!

What are your feelings on garlic bread?

iisaw #3 · May 31st · · ·

I'm right there with you on that lost time feeling. I've been so busy I haven't read the last chapter yeat!

Author Interviewer

I can't think of another food that is so delicious, yet such a bad idea for me to eat. :(

That shit better be either made of Texas toast or have cheese on it, that's all I gotta say.

Are you going to Everfree NW in August?

Author Interviewer
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