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Fic recs, May 31st! · 6:42pm May 31st

Dusty Old Qrow could use some help fixing their teeth! Info!

An Intricate Disguise could also use some help!

VisualPony's newest reading is ambion's Drip!

It's gonna be about a week before I finish the current audiobook edition, so with news piling up, I wanted to make sure I could get the word out in a timely-ish fashion. So here's five short fics off my RIN!

H: 1 R: 1 C: 3 V: 0 N: 0

Tending the Roses by Noir de Plume
Genre: Sad 2P
Your family has a most important duty.
According to the note I left myself, this was counter-recommended by Whirring Gears off my review of To Love the Sun. I think a comparison would do both stories injustice, as the only thing they really share is being excellent examples of second-person writing. This is its own story, written in a beautifully stolid manner, that walks you through a life and a love and — most importantly — a reason for being. The ending hit me right in the feels in ways I did not expect and have not experienced in a while. So if nothing else, I can see why someone would consider this worthy of recommending.
Highly Recommended

In Good Hooves by zimmerwald1915
Genre: What-If
Twilight gives her former student one final gift.
I really don't know how to sum this up. The 1:4 like ratio is, I think, due to this being something of a spitefic, and possibly wrapped up in dislike for the author themselves? I'm not sure. Point is, this is clearly written out of a cynical reading of the end of S6 or start of S7. Frankly, I can't blame the author for wanting to get this out of their head, as there's definitely grounds for assuming this was the direction the show was headed in at the time. And I'm not stupid, I understand why that would upset people, but really, this is harmless.
Recommended for Cynics

A Bottle of Red by AFanaticRabbit
Sequel to Patterns
Genre: Un-Shipping
Twilight and Rarity's divorce is finalized. Now they just have to live with it.
In the first story, we saw the early parts of this relationship coming under stress as Rarity pondered whether Twilight's presence was causing undue influence on her financial success. That's the kind of thing an artist really doesn't want to find out, because it means what you do, who you are, is not what's appealing to people. And, well, I guess it was ultimately the case, considering where this story begins. I have to say, this is not a pleasant fic. There's nothing really happy about it, emotions are high, and both of them kind of suck? But that's not a bad thing, not at all. If you've wanted a ponyfic to explore the awkward tension that exists after a relationship ends, here's a great example.

Starlight Glimmer Eats Too Much Pizza by Admiral Biscuit
Genre: Slice of PizzaLife
Have I ever communicated just how thoroughly I identify with Starlight Glimmer, but only when it comes to my worst qualities? <.< That's why I'm so mean to her all the time. Oh look, there's my comment on the fic saying exactly that! Anyway, there is barely more to this than what's spelled out by the description, though it does drop a couple of way unexpected bombshells, and I have zero idea of where or when it's set. I just want pizza.
Recommended for Starlight Fans

Superfluous by Storylover-Vodhr
Genre: Rom-Com
Rainbow Dash asks her friends for relationship advice.
Okay, this fic has some editing issues, but not major ones. And when it comes down to it, I love stories about Rainbow Dash being dumb just as much as I love TwiDash. And oh boy, Rainbow Dash is really dumb in this fic and I love it. :D The whole thing was really funny, though I'll point out Fluttershy's scene as a low point. I mean, her laughing at Rainbow is funny in and of itself, but that's because it's totally out of character for her. Though at least the punchline helps recontextualize it some. :) This was fun!
Recommended for Shippers

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Oh my gosh, thank you so much for reviewing Bottle. It's nice to see what you had to say and it's flattering to see it here.

A Bottle of Red is the type of story that sits in your chest like a lead weight for the rest of the day after reading it. I'm always torn between wanting to read it again because it's so good and not wanting to feel like that for the next few hours.

Huh. I haven't been reviewed before, I'm not sure how to feel about it. Thanks for going out of your way to do it, anyway.

Author Interviewer

Yeah, I know exactly what you mean. :)

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