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    Spring Time. - Eletric Boogaloo the birthday

    It's been 5 years since I'm here, and I always love to say I love Spring time, because it's the time is my birthday. I want to thank all my friends which support me even on my awful days and laughed with me in my best days. I loved all the stories I made over this year, and all the friends I have made. I thank you all for the good time I've had on this site.

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    7th of September.

    Hello Everyone, I want to wish to everyone happy 7th of September. Independence of Brazil.

    When in 1822 was made by D. Peter the first looked at all the Portugueses and with all his might shouted prior the battle: INDEPENDENCE OR DEATH.

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    It's almost over.

    Thank you guys for enjoying the fiction Anidate me Please. I really mean it guys. Because there was times I really wanted to give up on writing it. But after looking so many times that the ship I enjoy is really needing a few more fictions. I didn't give up, and receiving compliments from the guys, it made me continue writing it. And I think this fiction is just 2 or 3 chapters to finally finish

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    Today, is something I wouldn't have noticed if wasn't for a follower who sent me a message. As I was reading I was chuckling on how long I created one of my first stories which I was so happy to write.

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    Cover Art Andante Path of the dreams

    I'm glad many people started reading and enjoying my newest fiction and I want to talk you all for your support. I passed all the week drawing and painting this new cover art. I hope you all enjoy it the same way as I did writing.

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WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN? I can explain! · 12:26am May 31st

Hello Everybody, I have to explain my absence of a few times and the chapters I didn't'wrIte during what would be a long time unless the chapters of less to 2 k for little fictions.

Well, I was being part of two fiction competitions in 2 forums... One is here on the may pair contest. Which I think the story went so good that I even wrote a few more pages for possible sequel, and I have ideas for new chapters as well. But I didn't receive the comments enough to publish the sequel yet, just after the contest...

And well, I was being part of Hyun Dojo lore fiction about the world they live inside, I wrote what would be one of the longest one-shot edited fiction I ever did in my whole life in less than a month... It was madness... It was going to work, then college and then write this fiction, go to work, college, and this fiction... And yesterday was the deadline which for the last hour I managed to make in time. Anyway...

I want to apologize for the little chapters that didn't attract users who comment and say their opinions... I have so many chapters I want to continue to write and even finish the story... Anidate me please is one of them... I wanted to add more Chavo moments or even Chappulin easter eggs and focus on some interesting parts of the romance and the dream of Spike as an animator...

My little Sirens... I want to make the party I promised to write to, however... I want to create the unknown sequel called... Aria reset... where I gave an easter egg chapter of what she did, and while many got confused. I have to say... this will be maybe the most difficult fiction I will write, but one I will be proud to make a sequel...

My life has been so chaotic that even in my dreams, I imagine Discord at the shop I work for, he dressed as a Chinese boss and made my life an entire confusion... It was so stressing that I have to relief myself as practicing boxing and I have a punch bag to let out my rage... I stopped doing arts for a while as I focused on writing the 2 fictions to try to win the contest, probably I will not win, but I want the people to like my story and enjoy my ideas...

My college is doing pretty fine, but I hate online class, I'm more a guy who goes to school and learns from the environment of the class, learn by being there... But I want to give my best to get out of my work and find something I can receive a better income than my actual work...

I'm trying to be financially stable with my parents, but it's been difficult for me, as looking everything gets more and more expensive, and the only thing I can buy is my college monthly incomes, and my food, and the supermarket bill for my parents, as they retired money is still difficult to pay the things we wanted to buy. Still, I want to have a better job to receive enough money to buy the things I want to buy. I wanted to have some good instruments and start learning music, but it will be difficult for a long time.

Still... That's not important.

What is important is... I'm still alive, but is being difficult to talk with my friends... Like, I even forgot to send some messages to them, so to all my friends reading this... Sorry guys... I hope you can forgive me, because it has being a chaotic year for me. But I want to give my best to make good stories and have more money to help me and my family to have a better life. But's really difficult. I felt all the pressure over my shoulders and all my stress is going to all my fists while I release to my punching bag.... Maybe I wanted to vent my problems... who knows?

Well I think that's it...

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Wow you must be pretty busy lately huh

eeyup. It's been a full marathon doing many things...

I'm glad to hear that you are still around and doing well! College is tough in-person or not, so it is good that you are sticking with it.

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