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Behind the Story: For You... · 12:03pm May 28th

I haven’t had a late night upload receive this universal of a response since Reinventing Music, honestly. Thank you, everyone who read it.

But enough of about that, what about the story?

When you hear the inspiration behind this story, you’re probably going to accuse me of not writing what I know, but I just felt like I needed to write For You... for myself as well as for other people.

I completely accuse myself of killing Fallout Equestria: Commonwealth. I was not the best person back then (I’m not now, but I’d like to think I’m improving), and I left a ton of scathing comments accusing the harem aspect of the story. It’s like that in Fallout 4, but I somehow took great offense with seeing it be written out in a story aspect. For all I know, I could’ve broken the heart of some polyamorous teen, and made it so they didn’t want to write anymore. So, I feel like I incidentally killed my favorite story of all time.

So, where does that come in? Well, I had my home screen as the FO:C cover art for as long as I could remember, and one night I told myself I just had to let go and changed my home screen to the cover art of Blue instead.

Then, I realized that that phrase would be a great starting point for a Scootalove story. So, I had it stew overnight. After that, and after I’d uploaded that day’s chapter of Scaled and Icy, I starting working on the specifics of For You....

I had an idea about Granny Smith dying, then I realized that Apple Bloom and Scootaloo are not the same pony, and had to make it so the CMC died instead. I like to think that the zipline broke in the middle and that Apple Bloom and Sweetie Belle hit the side of a cliff, and comic physics didn’t protect them. Scootaloo managed to hover a bit so as to avoid take the brunt force of the hit.

Anyways, I had this take the simple path it ended up in. However, I realized halfway through that perhaps,”Sometimes you have to let go,” isn’t the best moral, because you shouldn’t always have to just forget about somebody who died.

So it evolved into sort of the ‘memorial’ route it took. I liked the idea of hanging up a picture with the note, and I would’ve made it, too, if people actually drew pictures with Scootaloo in the middle.

Then there’s the Scootalove aspect. Scootalove is one of my favorite genres of story on here, with two of my favorites being Scootalove stories. In fact, I like the genre so much I usually told myself I wouldn’t live up to it. However, when I have a particularly decent idea that would be good as a Scootalove story, I tend to write it, such as I did with Orion and this one.

For You... was heavily inspired by Blue, and it’s right there in the title! As I tend to do, I slipped in a song reference. For You Blue is a song by The Beatles, so, I made it so that people who knew the song might connect it and think For You... Blue. As for other influences, it’s always FabulousDivaRarity. She’s pretty much a writer influence on my stories as a whole at this point.

I don’t believe there’s anything else I can think of.

And until next time; be awesome!

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