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  • Monday
    In a bit of a dilemma.

    I’ve been thinking about this story recently, and I don’t know if I should:

    A. Rewrite it from the ground up.


    B. Rewrite the earlier chapters to fit my standards.

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  • Monday
    Rude Awakening

    Once he finally reached the second floor, the shadow glided down a corridor leading to a partially open door, quite possibly a bedroom. Hesitantly, he reached out a shadowy foreleg and nudged it, wincing at the unexpectedly loud creaking omitted as it opened further. That was when he wandered inside the room

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  • Monday
    Attempting a FNAF animatronic edit

    Honestly? So far, I’m hating it. Baby be looking like Slenderman.

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  • Sunday
    A Quick Peek…

    “…Psst! Hey guys! Is the coast clear?”

    “Looks like it. Let’s go.”

    The shadow ‘lings began moving through the front door and into the interior of the house, now shrouded in a thick layer of darkness, something that wasn’t really too much of an issue with shadow ‘lings.

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  • Saturday
    Looking to possibly fix my Switch controller.

    The left joystick has a bad case of Joycon drift.

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Friday Night Flutterwings: Filly Nice · 8:59pm May 27th

“You just about done, kid? I ain’t got all night.”

“Almost.” Flutterwings looked up from her milkshake cup, sipping eagerly at it.

“Heh. I gotta say, last week... you really surprised me, kid,” Heath admitted, laying back with his forelegs behind his head.

“Really?” she grinned at him. “You really think so?”

“Hell yeah. What numbskull told you otherwise?”

“No one, really. It’s just... well, I guess I felt like I was going through some sort of stage anxiety when I challenged Coal’s mom to a rap/singing battle.”

“Ah. I see.”

They sat for a moment as Flutterwings finally finished her milkshake.

“About time. Now come on, kid. We got some... vocal training to do, ya know.”

“Heck yeah!”

They made their way outside and onto the streets, where a large speaker had been waiting for them.

The two of them picked up their microphones.

“Ya ready, kid?”


Heath pressed a button, and the music began to play.

Comments ( 7 )

I love the B Sides, oh my god.

I’m really proud of this title by the way.

Heh, oh yeah. Like, Philly and Filly. Great job.

Heh, thanks.
It’s a pun.

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