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The COUNTRY of Taiwan · 10:20pm May 26th

If I were to go to any country in Asia, it would be Japan or the COUNTRY of Taiwan.

If I were to fight any American actor, it would be the wee lass with nary a spine, John Cena.


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Nobody (other than the Taiwanese people, who keep democratically electing parties that continue this policy) is making the Taiwanese government lay an absurd claim to all of mainland China, Mongolia, and bits of all their neighbors as the rightful and sole government of China. It can be its own country when it stops doing that.

I can't see John Cena ever kowtowing to the Chinese, them paying his wages and all!

Who the fuck wants Mongolia?

EDIT: Yeah, that's pretty nutters.

China though doesn't like that. It actually is okay with the ROC claiming all of that as being "China" because it means they have a claim as well. China has declared that it won't have diplomatic connections with any country that recognizes Taiwan as independent.

Wait, the COUNTRY of Taiwan? As opposed to what?

China refuses to recognizes Taiwan's sovereignty, Taiwan refuses to recognize Mongolia's independence as they consider themselves the successor state to the Chinese Empire, thereby continuing the cycle of abuse.

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At that point: You may as well say that Britain can be a democracy, when she officially abolishes the monarchy and gets an elected head of state. Or that the USA must change her name to be a country, because the current name (United States of America) implies that she's a continental union akin to the EU, as opposed to a country/state of her own.

Point is: I think you two are the ones making an absurd claim here. We all know that Taiwan has no problem with Mongolia being an independent country!

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