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    Nothing But Boredom

    I’ve been thinking on when I’m getting back to writing my current stories but at the same time, I’ve keep placing myself into a corner. I’m thankful I finished the Halloween fanfic while making an audio recording of it for October but even with that, I can’t come up with new one shots. Considering Expansive Universe Unlike Any Other has been on hold over the last month without a new chapter,

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    I'm Not Canceling My Halloween Story, However...

    I'm working on the 4th chapter and yet, I'm still struggling since I'm getting into the most complicated bits of it. I've been trying to get back into the spirit of the horror elements but I haven't even got to Applejack and Rarity's character since one is a survivor while the other is a superhero. Not to mention that I'm probably gonna end the story with 7 chapters instead of 5 or 6. I had ideas

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    Are You Interested In My Crossover?

    I've only did two paragraphs and it seems like I couldn't have the motivation for people to be invested. If you read the description, it's mostly how Zam's feelings is just like mine in real life when it comes to depression. Here's what the two paragraphs I wrote.

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    Expansive Universe Unlike Any Other Cover

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Somewhat Crossover Idea · 5:21pm May 24th

This maybe odd but I just watched a video today. It was a comic dub with video game and cartoon characters.

And consider I've been thinking about doing a fanfic centering around video game and cartoon characters in my version of a crossover, this video gave me inspiration. No I haven't made up my mind yet, for one, I have to come up with an OC, for two, I need to come up with a world for all crossover characters to live at, and for three, The Halloween fic along with two more Christmas stories are still my main priority (I also might do a Steven Universe and Craig Of The Creek crossover).

I only have a few more videos to complete my August schedule, despite a few videos being on hold so I might be this close to getting back into writing again. All I can say is I might do a crossover when I get the chance, I just hope my plan of it works out for so many people.

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Now thats awesome

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