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After hours of searching I have found the promised land · 4:36pm May 24th

I have three Pictures here

fuckin adorable am I rite?

So adorable in fact I have decided to make this the new cover art for Sunspot as it perfectly fits how Jolyne looks in my head! ITS JUST FITS SO FUCKING WELL!

The next 2 are how I envision Jolyne looks like when no longer a smol fire child. You have no idea how long I've been searching for such an image that isn't M-rated. *shudder* The things I've witnessed.

First off What I would call the most accurate image that comes to mind when thinking about not smol fire child

Relaxing not smol fire child

Then finally a good picture of a Jolyne at probably some important thing or something.

There ya go expect an updated Cover foto to appear over the next few days when I'm done making it :heart:

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Sooo... Can we celebrate with a new chapter perhaps... :raritywink:

Didnt you forget the wheelchair? Broken spine...

Hey! I found that third picture a while ago when I was trying to help you look for a better cover art (which didn't happen). I even sent it to you in PM XD

i love that dress in that third picture, :D Daybreaker has always had Comanding Aura around her, and not just because she's supossed to be Celestia when she has snapped.

You think her face should be a little less scary in the 3rd , like the first 2?

yeah but as I said incredible lucky to just find this picture and have her not be ready to shoot some questionable movies :facehoof:

No worries. I was just checking. Daybreaker art is rarer to begin with, and it sounds like you needed to search with better filters. :derpytongue2:

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