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  • Today
    Pibby mods

    Apparently there’re Pibby mods in FNF and oh my fucking god. I mentioned watching these the other day and, obviously my favorite;

    No-Hero has to be the creepiest in terms of atmosphere lol. The starting melody sounds rather desolate and solemn, nodding to the atmosphere of Pibby itself, and when I say Finn flips the fuck out—

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  • Monday
    First time holding a shotgun

    In reality it was when my mom had me carry it back into the house, cause she took it apart and didn’t put it together right, but it unloads fine. Didn’t get to shoot it though. But it’s aight.

    Shot her revolver and Glock again, but it was getting dark so she said we’d go again when it was lighter out. My ears hurt, and my throat’s dry, but I had fun.

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  • Sunday
    Watching Adventure Time

    Never watched it before cause I thought I wouldn’t like it. So far it’s really goofy and bizarre and I love it so much—

    Plus, seeing Finn flip out is the funniest and coolest shit. Also, Lumpy Space Princess is an absolute vibe.

    I fucking love this show—

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  • Sunday
    Finally beat World 2

    And lemme just say. The moving-screen boss levels.

    It didn’t take me any more than one try, the second attempt to get the last green star, but holy fucking shit do they skyrocket my anxiety.

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  • Sunday
    Just defeated the Asylum Demon (2nd Encounter)

    I recognized that it leaves itself open before and after most of its attacks, meaning its most vulnerable area was its stomach. Even after that it took me a few attempts to actually defeat the damn thing, plus I had to figure out wtf I was supposed to do afterwards, but I got it.

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Still A Loner · 4:32pm May 23rd

Griff grunted as he swiped through the abandoned produce shop, spotting two overripe melons. There were a few darkened dents in the shells, however, Griff figured that it was enough to keep him and his group afloat.


His ears shot up in a trice. The low rumbling of an animal’s growl made him draw his rifle from the sling on his back.

Careful to tread lightly, he stepped quietly toward the exit, and indeed before him was a huge Yao Guai. The large green boils in its fur made his hooves rub together in disgust and angst, drawing his rifle in his aura and thwapping the radioactive bear across the head with it.

It yowled in pain before falling onto its haunches, whimpering at the swollen boil on its head.


It roared as if whining at him, ”Why’d you do that?!”

”You were prolly about to eat me? Besides, it’s been a while since I had some barbecue’d ‘Guai...”

It roared again as if offended.

”...my bad. Lemme see that.” the bear lowered its head slightly in order to let him inspect the boil. ”Mmmmwah!” he planted an affectionate kiss on the wound, giving a charming smile. ”I’ll take some Rad-Away when I get back to the crew.”

The Guai, with tears in its eyes, brightened up a little and stood up on its four legs.

”...might consider goin’ vegan cause’a you.” Griff smiled slightly before walking off.

Everyone met back at the sanctuary, however, three more changelings than what Griff was used to made him draw his weapon. ”Who the hell is this?”

”D-Don’t shoot!”

The others scrambled in front of him. ”Mijo, this is Thorax and Pharynx—“

”Y’think I give a molerat’s ass?! Fuck, they could have germs!”

”Hey, fuck you too, pal!”

Griff reloaded his rifle with a scowl, shoving the muzzle in Pharynx’s face. ”Say one more thing and I’ll splatter your brains against the fucking ground.”

Bezier shoved him down. ”What the hell is wrong with you?!”

A low grumbling sound, once again. Griff looked behind Bez to see the very same Yao Guai, glaring daggers at Bezier as it opened his mouth and revealed its sharp teeth.


”Woah, what the—?”

”I got this!”

Hero, with a pipe pistol, shot a bullet into one of the bear’s boils.

It screeched and ran off, just when Griff growled and tackled Hero to the ground.

”What the fuck is wrong with you?!”

Hero shoved him off. ”What the fuck is wrong with you, man?! That thing almost killed Bez, you should be grateful!”

”Ohoho, grateful for fucking what?” Griff glared at Bez. ”Yeah, you know what? Fucking thanks for saving this useless cunt one more time. Thanks again for being the fucking hero when nobody fucking asked. The fuck do you want, a gold star?”

”Griffy, calm—“

”You just watched your fucking boyfriend shoot the only fucking ally I’ve had since meeting you three useless cocks! Thanks a fuckin’ lot, Tweedledum, Tweedledee, and Tweedle-fucking-dicksucker.” he shoved Melody to the ground, glaring at her. ”I’m always somebody to fuck with. And all of you ride Hero’s dick like he’s a fucking god. It’s gotten to the point where I don’t even get noticed for playing my part. And you know what?!”

He growled and slammed his backpack on the ground, exposing an array of different crops and cooked food. I’m the one who fucking brought us dinner. But you can thank this fine fucking prick for taking credit for that shit too. I’m outta here.”

”Mijo, wait!”

Griff just stormed off into the woods.

Comments ( 22 )

*Whimpers and chases him* Mijo!!!

“...I see how it is now.”

”Yeah, now. Because I barely even fucking get noticed by anyone until they got a bone to pick with me.”


“Dude, is that what this is all about?”

*Stops, standing still and looking at him* I...I'm sorry...mijo, I care about what you have to say, and I deeply appreciate how much you do for us...I just wanted to say that...you know momma loves you...

”Yeah. That and the fact that I now have a mutant bear to chase down.”

*grumbles, spitting on the ground and continuing to storm off*

“...You did seem to have a connection with him. Who was that bear anyway?”

...*Follows him* Come on mijo

”He was one’a the nice ones...makes me wanna stop eating meat just thinkin’ about him.”

“Oh. I see...”

Do you not want to go find your bear friend then?

*nods solemnly*

”That’s what I’m gonna do.”

I'm coming with you

”Don’t you have Hero’s dick to verbally suck?”

“I’ll... I’ll go talk the others about all this. That is, if that’s what you want.”

I'm helping you.

*sigh* “Do what you want...I’m gonna go find that thing...”

*just huffs and keeps walking*

“...Okay. I’ll probably meet you there, if you... I dunno...”

”...uh huh.”

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